Every 2018 college football multiplication race, ranked by DRAMA FACTOR

Alabama in a SEC West, Georgia in a SEC East. Ohio State in a Big Ten East, Wisconsin in a Big Ten West. Washington in a Pac-12 North. Clemson in a ACC Atlantic.

It feels like an abnormally vast series of college football multiplication races have already been settled, doesn’t it? We’re usually entering Week 7, nonetheless it seems as if we can make flattering gentle predictions about a pretension games we will finish adult saying on a initial weekend in December.

Fear not! There are … good … a few engaging races to follow, even if we have to scrounge around a small bit.

We’ll call it a DRAMA FACTOR. ScreamingPandemonium+, if we will. we will demeanour during both a intensity tightness of a competition and a ubiquitous peculiarity concerned (as in, if a lot of teams have a possibility during 7-1 or 6-2, we get some-more credit than if it’s a intensity 5-3 logjam).

You can find any team’s projected win totals — discussion and altogether — along with a lot of other goodies in this year’s college football stat profiles.

This is a opposite Alabama this year, so mortal offensively that it’s roughly withdrawal a invulnerability out to dry. Still, they have been as dominant as ever, and with Auburn’s and Mississippi State’s rather astonishing descent issues, a trail is clear.

The closest group to a Tide, in terms of projected wins, is an AM group Alabama has already beaten. For things to get weird, we need LSU and possibly MSU or Auburn to lift upsets, and while Bama does have to go to Baton Rouge, MSU and Auburn come to Tuscaloosa.

Most engaging remaining games: Alabama during LSU (Nov. 3). If LSU doesn’t win, this one’s over. It’s substantially over anyway.

Washington’s defense-heavy, tempo-low character could leave a doorway ajar for an dissapoint or two. Hell, a Huskies usually kick UCLA by 7 this past weekend.

Still, with Stanford’s detriment to Utah, Wazzu’s detriment to USC, and Oregon’s detriment to Stanford, a Huskies are already a diversion adult on a field, and if they get past Oregon this weekend in Eugene, they’re expected set.

Most engaging remaining games: Washington during Oregon (Oct. 13), Stanford during Washington (Nov. 3), Washington during Washington State (Nov. 23). UW will have to substantially dump dual of 3 for someone else to take advantage, nonetheless it’s on a table.

Boise State mislaid a mojo on a outing to Oklahoma State, afterwards tripped adult during home opposite SDSU. That non-stop a doorway in a Mountain Division, and Utah State stormed through. The Aggies are now in a SP+ tip 25 following a frisk over BYU, and they now demeanour like a transparent favorite.

Of course, USU has to keep it up. The Aggies’ biggest enemy could be complacency. If they continue during their stream level, afterwards a fact that BSU has to play Fresno State (another SP+ top-25 team) and USU doesn’t should give them a healthy advantage. But if they get held adult in a back-patting, they’ll concede this thing right behind to a Broncos.

Most engaging remaining games: Fresno State during Boise State (Nov. 9), Utah State during Boise State (Nov. 24). And also, Utah State vs. itself (weekly).

Houston and Memphis are scarcely tied in SP+ ratings, nonetheless given Memphis has suffered not one, nonetheless two dissapoint waste — to Navy and Tulane — and has to play UCF this week (UH misses a Knights), it’s apparent who’s in control. Houston has seemed exposed and could humour a dissapoint or two, that could make this competition weird.

Most engaging remaining games: UCF during Memphis (Oct. 13), Tulane during Houston (Nov. 15), Houston during Memphis (Nov. 23). For all Tulane’s struggles, a Green Wave’s dissapoint of Memphis put them in position to turn a dim equine if they can also win during Houston in what could be a look-ahead diversion for a Coogs.

This during slightest doesn’t demeanour as certain as it did a few weeks ago, when a Dawgs romped over a group that was ostensible to be their biggest challenger, South Carolina. The fact that they have to face their dual biggest East challengers, Florida and Kentucky, divided from home — and those dual entrance in a center of four uninterrupted SP+ top-25 opponents — means this could turn an engaging race.

Most engaging remaining games: Georgia during LSU (Oct. 13), Florida vs. Georgia (Oct. 27), Georgia during Kentucky (Nov. 3). UGA will substantially have to dump dual for things to get weird.

Lance Leipold’s Buffalo Bulls are 2-0 in discussion play and have simply been a many considerable group in a East. But they have to go to Toledo in dual weeks, that could leave them with one detriment and meant they competence need to brush Miami (Ohio) during home and Ohio on a road.

Most engaging remaining games: Buffalo during Toledo (Oct. 20), Miami (Ohio) during Buffalo (Oct. 30), Ohio during Miami (Ohio) (Nov. 7), Buffalo during Ohio (Nov. 14). It’s a damn contrition that a many MACtion-worthy diversion of 2018 (Buffalo-Toledo) isn’t on a weeknight in November.

Arkansas State has been a small unsatisfactory and ranks 81st in SP+, 18 spots subsequent their projected finish. The Red Wolves have started solemnly before and afterwards held fire, nonetheless we hatred to rest on that.

Lucky for them, a rest of a multiplication stinks. Even during 0-1 in discussion play after a detriment to Georgia Southern (with another intensity detriment on rug in this weekend’s revisit from Appalachian State), they are flattering gentle favorites.

Most engaging remaining games: Arkansas State during UL Lafayette (Oct. 27), South Alabama during Arkansas State (Nov. 3). The diversion in Lafayette is a relations tossup, nonetheless if ASU wins, a Red Wolves expected hurl to a pretension game, even nonetheless they competence be a fifth-best group in a conference. Five-team groups are dumb.

Clemson survived an ungainly exam opposite Syracuse, losing a starting quarterback (Trevor Lawrence) to damage a same week a second-string QB (Kelly Bryant) left a team. But a Tigers are staid to trip to another multiplication pretension … as prolonged as they take caring of business opposite dominant NC State.

Most engaging remaining games: NC State during Clemson (Oct. 20). Winner take all, probably.

Wisconsin has looked like a same aged Wisconsin for a many part, nonetheless a bizarre dissapoint to BYU in non-conference done them demeanour vulnerable. They’ve already knocked off their biggest multiplication hazard (Iowa) on a road, nonetheless if they mislay during Penn State and Michigan, this could get interesting.

Most engaging remaining games: Wisconsin during Michigan (Oct. 13), Wisconsin during Northwestern (Oct. 27), Northwestern during Iowa (Nov. 10), Wisconsin during Penn State (Nov. 10). The Badgers have a projected one-game advantage notwithstanding projected waste to UM and PSU. But I’d suggest not losing in Evanston.

OK, Appalachian State could run divided with this. The Mountaineers are adult to 12th in SP+, and not even Troy can contest with them if they’re personification their A game. But Troy is 3-0, and Georgia Southern is 2-0, that could assure that a standings are packaged until Troy’s late-season outing to Boone.

Most engaging remaining games: Appalachian State during Georgia Southern (Oct. 25), Troy during Appalachian State (Nov. 24). It’ll take an dissapoint for this to get interesting.

Miami has spent many of 2018 looking a partial of a exile multiplication favorite, nonetheless a Canes self-destructed opposite LSU and for about a half opposite Florida State. They are 16th in SP+, usually hardly off of their No. 12 projections, nonetheless they’ve shown usually adequate disadvantage to make we wonder. And they have to play their tip dual threats (per SP+), Virginia and Virginia Tech, on a road. Hmm.

Most engaging remaining games: Miami during Virginia (Oct. 13), Duke during Miami (Nov. 3), Miami during Virginia Tech (Nov. 17), Virginia during Virginia Tech (Nov. 23). Our annual dream of a seven-way 4-4 Coastal tie isn’t going to happen, nonetheless this could get unequivocally messy.

SP+ doesn’t trust Hawaii, nonetheless a Warriors have raced to 3-0 in discussion play; go 3-2 a rest of a way, and they’re usually one or dual warn formula from contention.

Still, this appears to be Fresno State’s division. The Bulldogs are to 20th in SP+, ninth in Def. SP+, and horde both SDSU and Hawaii. Of course, anti-social SDSU usually won during Boise and is 13th in Def. SP+. This one could get fun.

Most engaging remaining games: Hawaii during Fresno State (Oct. 27), SDSU during Fresno State (Nov. 17), Hawaii during SDSU (Nov. 24). Could fractious SDSU manager Rocky Long and fractious immature Hawaii manager Nick Rolovich have some some-more surprises in store?

Somebody has to win any division, no matter how underwhelming it competence be.

Colorado’s in a driver’s chair here to a 2-0 start, nonetheless USC competence be rallying after wins over Washington State and Arizona, and … good … really, no group nonetheless UCLA appears out.

Most engaging remaining games: Arizona during Utah (Oct. 12), Colorado during USC (Oct. 13), USC during Utah (Oct. 20), Colorado during Arizona (Nov. 2), Utah during Arizona State (Nov. 3), Utah during Colorado (Nov. 17). Battle royal.

I know, we know. For us to trust a Big Ten East competition is a race, we have to trust Michigan is able of violence Ohio State in Columbus.

But a Wolverines are adult to fifth in SP+, and as prolonged as they during slightest go 2-1 opposite Wisconsin and Penn State during home and Michigan State on a road, they’ll conduct to Ohio for a intensity winner-take-all showdown. It’s probable on paper. And if Ohio State loses to Michigan State, PSU’s right behind into a mix, too.

And besides, the final diversion in Columbus was flattering close, right?

Most engaging remaining games: Wisconsin during Michigan (Oct. 13), Michigan during Michigan State (Oct. 20), Penn State during Michigan (Nov. 3), Ohio State during Michigan State (Nov. 10), Penn State during Wisconsin (Nov. 10), Michigan during Ohio State (Nov. 24). OSU could mislay all drama, nonetheless this ain’t over usually yet.

NIU is 3-0, WMU is 2-0, and Toledo is 1-0. Toledo’s got offense and no defense. NIU’s got invulnerability and no offense. EMU is 0-3 and all nonetheless separated nonetheless is good adequate to lift some upsets. And lots of multiplication matchups stock November’s mid-week MACtion slate. That’s unequivocally good news.

Most engaging remaining games: Ohio during NIU (Oct. 13), Toledo during EMU (Oct. 13), Toledo during WMU (Oct. 25), Toledo during NIU (Nov. 7), WMU during Ball State (Nov. 13), NIU during WMU (Nov. 20). Plenty of tract twists to come.

We suspicion we had a good thought of how a West would play out — North Texas looked prepared to run divided with things. Then a Mean Green mislaid to Louisiana Tech and hardly got by UTEP. Into a blank stepped UAB; a Blazers are 59th in SP+ and 2-0 in discussion play. They are in a driver’s seat, nonetheless they still have to play UNT and Southern Miss and transport to East multiplication personality MTSU. And they have to wish UNT doesn’t recover a form.

Most engaging remaining games: Southern Miss during North Texas (Oct. 13), North Texas during UAB (Oct. 20), Southern Miss during UAB (Nov. 10), FAU during North Texas (Nov. 15), Louisiana Tech during Southern Miss (Nov. 17), UAB during MTSU (Nov. 24). C-USA competence miss for quality, nonetheless relation can make for fun races.

FAU and Marshall were exile favorites. They’ve both already mislaid to Rick Stockstill’s Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders, who are dominant opposite non-SEC teams and could seize control with a win this Saturday during FIU. Lose, however, and it’s probable that 4 or 5 teams could be tied in a detriment mainstay by Saturday night.

Four teams are projected within 0.7 wins of a top. This could be an extraordinary race, even if a peculiarity is … reduction than amazing.

Most engaging remaining games: MTSU during FIU (Oct. 13), FIU during WKU (Oct. 27), FAU during FIU (Nov. 3), FAU during North Texas (Nov. 15), UAB during MTSU (Nov. 24), Marshall during FIU (Nov. 24). And like 12 other games as prolonged as MTSU loses to FIU.

UCF binds a key. Based on how a Knights play over a subsequent month and a half, a few scenarios could play out:

  1. UCF runs a table, putting a College Football Playoff cabinet in a very ungainly situation. How high would they arrange a Knights after two uninterrupted dominant seasons, generally with final year’s Peach Bowl win over Auburn?
  2. UCF loses, bringing disharmony to a competition for a Group of Five’s NY6 bid. An dominant UCF apparently gets a nod. But an AAC champ UCF with a detriment during Memphis, Cincinnati, or USF vs. a one-loss Appalachian State (with usually an OT detriment during Penn State) vs. a one-loss Fresno State or Utah State (both of whom also usually mislaid to Big Ten teams by singular scores on a road)? A lot of teams would practically interest a claim.
  3. UCF loses, bringing disharmony to a AAC East race. Cincinnati and USF are still dominant too, and Temple is smoking prohibited after a severe start. UCF could run a table, digest this competition wholly uninteresting, nonetheless one small trip could make this positively fascinating.

Most engaging remaining games: UCF during Memphis (Oct. 13), Cincinnati during Temple (Oct. 20), USF during Houston (Oct. 27), Temple during UCF (Nov. 1), USF during Cincinnati (Nov. 10), Cincinnati during UCF (Nov. 17), USF during Temple (Nov. 17), UCF during USF (Nov. 23). The AAC East is a stream aristocrat of DRAMA FACTOR.

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