‘Drawing Europe:’ 28 heading cartoonists comment

In a plan patrician “Drawing Europe” and spearheaded by Danish journal Politiken, 28 cartoonists from a European Union’s 28 member-states – including Kathimerini’s Ilias Makris – have been invited to criticism on how they perspective a EU today, quite in light of Britain’s preference to leave a confederation and forward of an spontaneous limit in Bratislava on Friday.

The aim of this pan-European media beginning is to “demonstrate a kind of community, oneness and team-work that EU leaders find it formidable to say and rise during a moment,” says Politiken editor-in-chief Christian Jensen.

“We need amusement and unrestrained during a time when narratives of decrease about a EU abound, and when nationalism, populism and xenophobia are subverting a dream of a common and pacific Europe,” Jensen adds.

Here we benefaction their work for a Politiken project, along with a criticism to a Danish paper by a artists on their contribution.

Spain: Ricardo Julio Rey from El Mundo

“We had this suspicion of doing something with a English lion. Proud and majestic. It seemed that a lion had been misled by insane politicians and lured into voting about something they did not know a inlet of.”

Slovakia: Mandor from SME newspaper

“I was sketching ideas on Brexit cartoons, and checked a time. we have a Monty Python’s ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’-styled time on a wall. Immediately, this design seemed in my head.”

Belgium: Marec from Het Nieuwsblad

“I envisioned that a EU was losing Queen Elizabeth and replacing her with a European Queen Angela. She is a clever pitch of a Europe that now has to pierce on after Brexit.”

Slovenia: Ciril Horjak from Vecer

“I review a story about Icarus to my son a night that a British went to a polls. As a formula came in, it struck me that a story of Icarus is a story of Europe.”

Portugal: Christiano Salgado from Expresso

“I see us solemnly shutting ourselves off. We are building borders during a time when we should mount united. The suspicion of a borderless and open Europe is underneath threat.”

Croatia: Nik Titanik from 24sata

“I come from a tiny country, and for us it can seem thespian when a large countries lift away. And we wanted to poke fun during a British hypocrisy.”

Estonia: Urmas Nemvalts from Postimees

“It might spin out that this ‘liberation’ will not be as neat and happy as a British had hoped for.”

Lithuania: Rimas Pocius from Delfi.lt news site

“We motionless to concentration on immigration, that is one of a categorical issues underneath contention here in Lithuania… This leaves us with questions on how Brexit will impact those people. Not usually plumbers and builders are going to a UK. We are also articulate about rich tourists, winemakers, chefs and artists.”

Luxembourg: Florin Balaban from Luxemburger Wort

“To me, this was madness. Brexit could not happen. That is what we thought, during least. We live in a universe where we should be relocating closer to any other, though afterwards a conflicting happens.”

Netherlands: Bas outpost der Schot from Volkskrant

“To me, Europe is an epitome ideal. And organisation photos of a European politicians after another predicament limit are a visible representations of Europe nowadays.”

Czech Republic: Stepan Mares for Reflex

“The glow spreads – as do doubts about a European suspicion after a Brexit vote. Germany will always be one of a leaders of Europe, since of a distance and mercantile power. Smaller countries like us can enviousness it, remonstrate with that – though that is substantially all we can do.”

Malta: Sebastian Tanti Burlo from Times of Malta

“Europe is fat, she is not a beauty she once was. Her people have turn dull and apathetic, imitative sausages some-more than a people they were.”

Italy: Maria Corte from Ilsole24ore

“In a image, a epitome suspicion of a city in a dim which, usually by a awakening of a citizens’ consciousness, of their homes’ lights by a windows, is able of raised an picture of togetherness and singleness and, in this way, defining a common project.”

Germany: Jochen Schievink from Die Zeit

“The painting was done underneath a sense that some-more and some-more countries are perplexing to strap a EU into pieces to get a best tools out of it – even if they risk to kill a whole thing.”

France: Plantu from Le Monde

“Despite a particular rulers’ specific problems, we wanted to pull Princess Europe with a traits of a lady of a dreams. The mistakes of a 28 will not forestall me from carrying a loyal enterprise for Europe.”

Denmark: Philip Ytournel from Politiken

“We are all in this together. And it seems ridiculous to besiege oneself. This is not only about a UK. we am criticizing isolationism as such.”

Hungary: Marabu from Nepszabadsag

“Nowadays they speak too many about a problems of a European Union – and sketch indignant cartoons on troubles is a elementary job. we consider it is a really critical goal to make confident cartoons.”

Ireland: Martyn Turner from The Irish Times

“The destiny of Europe … good it will, of course, be riven with disagreement and confusion… They ain’t sheep. They’re lemmings, creatures who mythically dedicate self-murder from time to time by jumping off a cliff.”

Finland: Ville Tietavainen from Helsingin Sanomat

“I wanted to uncover a European entire that is recognizable, though clearly potential since it is a cubist jumble.”

Austria: Michael Pammesberger from Kurier

“The animation originated from a Brexit party. David, Boris and Nigel had all had too many to drink. Rock’n’roll! …And afterwards things got a bit out of control.”

Bulgaria: Yavor Popov from Capital

“Political, economic, tactful relations, built with lots of efforts for 43 years, will now have to be unraveled in a many difficult and costly divorce in a world.”

Poland: Tomek Bochenski from Polska Press Grupa

“This invisible palm of Brexit might lead to a ‘erasing’ of still some-more countries from a EU structures.”

Romania: Jup (Lucian Amarii) from Ziarul de Lasi

“Some of a Brexit politicians act now like they know accurately what they are doing, though in existence they are confused and don’t know what they should do next.”

Sweden: Magnus Bard from Dagens Nyheter

“The British self-image is one of a reborn Nelson during Trafalgar. And now they are left to quarrel a giants on their own.”

Latvia: Zemgus Zaharans from Diena

“I saw a British preference to take a highway to Brexit – that is a dead-end – as a pointer that a British bruise is expected to remove some weight.”

Cyprus: Thanasis Papaspyropoulos from Politis

“I see Europe as it should be and Europe as it is. Blind, apprehensive, and reactionary… We need to go behind to a roots of a strange European project. It was pleasing and simple, though also fragile.”

Greece: Ilias Makris from Kathimerini

“The British voters’ preference to leave a EU was also an countenance of their wish to retaliate a EU. It reminded me of a fun about a male who cuts off his possess penis to retaliate his wife.”

UK: Noma Bar from The Guardian

“You should not blink how many Brits are deeply unhappy that we now have to learn how to make it on a own. And there is nobody to censure though ourselves.”




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