Did 'The Walking Dead' Just Pave a Way for Season 7's Big Death?

[This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead partial 714, “The Other Side.”]

AMC’s The Walking Dead is streamer into a home widen of deteriorate seven. With usually dual episodes remaining, a quarrel opposite Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his lethal Saviors inches closer as a opposite factions start to come combine to take on their common enemy.

Sunday’s bid focused on a Hilltop organisation — privately Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and a newly arrived Rosita (Christian Serratos), as a twin left a gated village and arrived during a Sanctuary, fueled by punish and armed usually with a sniper purloin and a bullet earmarked for Negan.

Eventually, Rosita is means to demeanour over her contempt for Sasha as a dual bond over their common love: a late and good Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). Their tour to a Sanctuary ends when they try to rescue Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who would rather stay protected and be a large male on campus than risk his life by channel Negan. A dumbfounded Rosita afterwards watches as Sasha creates her proceed into Negan’s village and thatch her out. It effectively turns a self-murder goal for dual into Sasha risking her life to kill Negan while safeguarding Rosita. 

Meanwhile during a Hilltop, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) amenities Daryl after training that he blames himself for Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) death. Elsewhere, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) allows a container of Saviors to take Maggie’s alloy behind to a Sanctuary as Jesus (Tom Payne) winds adult following his comic book arena and entrance out.

The Hollywood Reporter turned to showrunner Scott M. Gimple to mangle down Sasha’s motivations for going solo, what competence be subsequent for Maggie — and Daryl — as good as explain since Gregory is such a dirtbag.

Why would Sasha scapegoat herself over Rosita — generally after a proceed they bonded?

Their examination in a bureau is what gathering it home. Rosita is handling on annoy and Sasha seems to be handling out a prerequisite to block a universe. That sounds flattering heavy. They’re in opposite places and a bottom line is that Sasha doesn’t feel they both have to go in [to a Sanctuary]. It’s her choice. If it’s going to be one of them, she positively is not going to select Rosita. “OK, we go in — I’ll see we later!” Sasha realizes that usually one of them needs to go in and she’s a one who creates a choice. Rosita unequivocally wanted to go in with her. But it gets down to strategy. Both of them going in could be a bit of a disadvantage, that they pronounce about progressing in a episode.

Sonequa is a lead in Star Trek: Discovery and now on what seems like a self-murder goal inside a Sanctuary — whose members, including Negan, are not famous to provide women unequivocally well. Have we seen a final of Sasha alive?

I don’t consider we need to discuss Star Trek or any of those things [laughs]. Obviously people are wakeful of it. Sonequa Martin-Green can do anything. She can substantially be on 3 shows. She’s a gifted actor who is also skilful in comedy and was waggish on New Girl. She can be on New Girl, she can be on Star Trek, she can substantially horde an implausible Las Vegas review. She is true adult one of a strongest people we know.

And Sasha has Sonequa’s strength.

Sasha is even worse and generally doesn’t do comedy. And we don’t know [if this is a final of Sashsa alive]. This all could be some unequivocally prolonged play of a crossover with Star Trek and maybe we done a outrageous agreement with CBS All Access and a portal will be open.

The Sanctuary is unequivocally only a portal to a USS Discovery.

Let’s not spoil it!

Eugene declines to be “rescued.” Is he operative another angle or is he no longer a “Stage 2 bad-ass,” as Abraham called him?

It’s always adult to a assembly yet we trust that a thing that thatch him there is that a Saviors keep him protected — and that’s it. If he can be safe, he’s there doing what he has to do. If they ask him to turn a personality of sorts there, he will since what he’s removing out of it is all he wants, that is to be safe.

Where do Daryl and Rosita go from here?

I can’t tell we that. But it’s all entrance to a head. Things are removing many some-more intense. The stakes are removing aloft and aloft and a partial array is creeping toward 16. Things are going to get even some-more tense. With this episode, saying Sasha and Rosita unite, that was something that we designed during a finish of deteriorate 6 meaningful it would be in deteriorate seven. It was gratifying to see them together. 

Daryl has an romantic relapse and cries as he blames himself for Glenn’s death. How did this stage with Maggie assistance his recovering process?

It totally helps. We didn’t play it hugely, yet he didn’t demeanour during or pronounce Maggie since he felt culpable for what happened to Glenn — that we don’t consider he was. For Maggie to contend what she pronounced to him was everything. That helped him a good deal. we don’t consider he’s totally good with a conditions now, yet that was all to him. And it unequivocally showed a majority and knowledge in Maggie. As we get deeper into a series, these characters are apropos wiser and some-more mature. They’re apropos aged hands in all of this and a universe is changing around them and they knowledge all sorts of new, unsentimental and romantic challenges. In some ways, they’re grown adult now. There’s something pleasing in that. we consider a Maggie in deteriorate dual competence not have reacted a same way. She’s been by a lot and that’s reflected in a proceed that she reacts to Daryl. It’s impossibly critical to her that she comfort him.

Daryl and Maggie are serve bonded, carrying both gifted Glenn’s death. Will he quarrel to strengthen her during all costs? Is there a intensity for something some-more there?

Maggie is in a uncanny place right now, where Sasha wanted to strengthen her yet nonetheless is already integrated during a Hilltop — and that’s partial of what allows Sasha to leave. Beyond that, Maggie doesn’t need safeguarding as many as she needs people to follow her lead. She has a skills, she has a prophesy for what she wants and she all yet asks Daryl for that and he gives that to her. We’re unequivocally saying her turn a personality in a proceed that she she can take a breath, see things for what it is and give Daryl what he needs. And yes, they are connected now — and The Family grows even tighter.

Gregory is a new Father Gabriel: He never does a right thing and allows Maggie’s alloy to be taken behind to a Sanctuary. How many longer can he continue to control a Hilltop given a masses are commencement to arise adult opposite him?

He’s not polling unequivocally well! But his proceed competence be accurately what a Hilltop needs — or maybe what he can make a people there decide to need. He’s a machiavellian domestic animal and smart. In some ways, yet it’s not a many drastic approach, it’s formidable to contend it’s totally a wrong approach. Gregory is fearful of a probable repercussions that come with holding on Negan and a Saviors so he decides to try to concur with them. Considering what he’s been through, it isn’t a craziest thing. we consider it’s probable that he can make his case, yet he’s also someone that could potentially be a risk to Maggie or to others.

And he’s utterly a risk to Maggie in a comics.

Even some-more so presumably [on a show].

Jesus is gay, as in a comics. Is there an event to see Jesus and Aaron integrate adult given their flirtation?

Aaron and Jesus is an engaging thing since in a book, [creator] Robert [Kirkman] has been a small resistant to span them together, and we totally know why. “There’s dual happy characters and we should apparently put them together.” It shouldn’t be so obvious. It isn’t so elementary that their course automatically creates them a couple. Yes, it’s in a comics that they’re starting to deposit together — that is distinct if we demeanour during a characters. On a show, we’ll substantially be following with Robert as he’s only removing into that [in a comics]. we do consider it’s probable in a book and it’s wholly probable on a show. But it’s critical we provide these characters as characters.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays during 9 p.m. on AMC. What do we consider will occur in a final dual episodes of a season? Sound off below. For some-more Walking Dead coverage, bookmark THR.com/WalkingDead.

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