Davos jargon: A crime opposite a English language?

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Confused? Then review a accessible guide

The annual World Economic Forum takes place amid frozen temperatures in snowy Davos, though inside a innumerable assembly bedrooms and contention halls, there’s some-more than a small prohibited air.

Some of this is generated by a form of English singular to this gathering, that can be obscure – even to a seasoned WEF watcher.

To help, we’ve gathered a brief list of bewildering terms and phrases overheard or review during Davos, and attempted to interpret them, with singular success.


Brings to mind a bulging, sweaty weightlifter attempting to kick their personal best.

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No! We pronounced benchmark not dais press

According to Bain, benchmarking is when “managers review a opening of their products or processes outwardly with those of competitors and best-in-class companies, and internally with other operations that perform identical activities in their possess firms”.

So that’s all transparent then.


To quote a matchless Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride: “You keep regulating that word; we don’t consider it means what we consider it means.”

According to a dictionary, circularity does mean: “the fact of an evidence or a speculation regulating an suspicion or a matter to infer something that is afterwards used to infer a suspicion or matter during a beginning”.

Circularity does not mean: a magnitude of a routine by that a product is reused in a “circular” economy.

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Do androids unequivocally dream of electric sheep?

Cyber realities

Is this unsentimental reality? Is it a existence of a digital universe in that we live? Is it a existence gifted by cyborgs? Beats me. Probably best elucidated by sci-fi writer Philip K Dick.

Deep dive

If you’re not articulate about Tom Daley, avoid.


A place, event, or time during that assault or feeling flares up. Not a indicate during that all Davos trade is diverted down side roads by people in high-vis jackets fluttering heat sticks, apparently.

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Our recommendation for anybody meditative of regulating any of a difference in this list

Implementation mode

“Defined as to what border a complement is joined to organisational objectives during a doing process. An doing mode that decouples opening indicators (PIs) from organisational objectives seems to serve doing success.”

You can appreciate A Johnsen’s 1999 work, Implementation Mode and Local Government Performance Measurement: A Norwegian Experience, for that.


People who influence. How they differ from Thought Leaders is anyone’s guess.

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I’m confused, are we influencers or suspicion leaders?


Definitely not a same as interaction. Or indeed Linkage, see below.


A word, according to a Oxford English Dictionary, that sadly does not pronounce on literary taste.

Material improbabilities

This comes from Marsh McLennan’s new report. The following divide should transparent things up:

“Producing an register of element rising risks requires both anomalous and meeting thinking: on a one hand, courteous investigate and wide-ranging consultation; on a other, an effective resource for triaging issues and aligning on tip concerns.”

Hmm, that helped a lot.

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If you’re meditative of regulating a word “material improbabilities” greatfully put it in English

Multifaceted metrics

Look, you’ll know one when we accommodate one.

Multi-stakeholder platform/principle

A “crucial mechanism”. For instance, actively involving a “wide operation of stakeholders – from polite society, to academia, business, and some-more – in sequence to safeguard that all members of multitude advantage from egghead property”, according to a World Intellectual Property Organization.

Negative feedback loop

Like, this article? On a critical note, this describes a cascading outcome that one zone of a economy unwell can have on other sectors or countries.

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This feedback loop’s really left negative


Different from routes. Also opposite from a unsafe sleet trenches that concede representatives during Davos to get from event to event though being buried.

Resilience imperative

We haven’t a thought what it means. So we asked WEF member Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz to explain – though regulating any lingo herself behind in 2016.

Risk interconnections

The linkage and interplay between risks. It’s a web of interconnectedness out there (see below).


Catch-all tenure for those meddlesome or invested in a given process or business. Nothing to do with vampires, garlic or Bram Stoker, sorry.

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If your listeners are wondering what you’re on about, you’re regulating too most jargon

Systems leadership

According to this essay in a Stanford Social Innovation Review, Systems Leaders “build relations formed on low listening, and networks of trust and partnership start to flourish.

“They are so assured that something can be finished that they do not wait for a entirely grown plan, thereby pardon others to step forward and learn by doing”. In a genuine universe that’s also called “winging it”.


Not a McDonald’s burger, though a “a pivotal fact, point, or suspicion to be remembered, typically one rising from a contention or meeting”. Almost always “key”.

Telegraph (as a verb!)

To “send or promulgate by or as if by telegraph” according to a Merriam Webster dictionary.

Generally used during WEF to imply someone signalling a destiny pierce – for instance a executive landowner hinting, or telegraphing, that they might lift seductiveness rates (rather than, say, streamer off for early cocktails).

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Are we telegraphing a transformative impact, or only visioneering for a future?

Thought leader

See influencers, above.

Transformative impact

Everyone during Davos is carrying one, as in: “I’m amatory a transformative impact my diet is carrying on my waistline”.

Visioneering a destiny

Visioneering? Please no. we meant no, no, no, no and no.

Definitely not to be confused with engineering. A approach of articulate about a judgment that has probably no unsentimental focus as of yet.

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Yes it’s a web. Yes it’s connected. We get that

Web of interconnectedness

Repeat after me: A. Web. Is. By. Definition. Interconnected. Capisce? The universe far-reaching web, generally so.

Where we net out with this

Euch. Just euch.

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What lingo have we heard?

Are we during Davos, or following a World Economic Forum from afar? Do we have any sold #Davos18 financial terms we wish us to demystify?

If so twitter @JoeMillerJr regulating a hashtag #DavosJargon with your suggestions.

You can also criticism on LinkedIn or email us during

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