COVID-19 transport update: Which countries can Americans visit?

Dozens of countries in Europe and Asia sojourn off-limits for American travelers as a universe continues to onslaught with a COVID-19 pandemic. At a same time, local, state and sovereign officials in a U.S. are propelling Americans to stay as tighten to home as possible, since transport increases risk.

Yet many other countries do sojourn open, with and though quarantine, to Americans who can accommodate certain conditions.

Many, such as Albania, are off a beaten trail for many Americans. Others, such as Mexico, are some-more familiar.

Mexico requires no exam and no quarantine for those roving by air. Under a agreement a dual countries have been renewing monthly, U.S. travelers are criminialized from roving by land opposite a limit for low reasons, though no such anathema relates to those who fly.

The U.S.’ other neighbor, Canada, has criminialized many unfamiliar nationals, including U.S. citizens, from entering a territory. There are exceptions for some students and people with Canadian family, though otherwise, a anathema on low transport is firm.


This pestilence traveler done it to Europe, a pyramids and mom

The Egyptian pyramids during Giza were scarcely forlorn when traveler Janet Moore arrived in August.


This pestilence traveler done it to Europe, a pyramids and mom

Travel pro Janet Moore says she schooled 6 lessons on her Aug trip.

Regarding Europe: If we aren’t informed with a tenure “Schengen countries,” we should be. The tenure refers to 26 European Union nations that are behaving collectively when it comes to permitting travelers to safely cranky their borders though swelling COVID-19. Many have been tightening inner restrictions in new days in hopes of thwarting a new swell of cases. Americans now are not authorised in; residents of Canada, New Zealand and Japan are. The list is reviewed any dual weeks.

In a Asia-Pacific segment too, many doors are closed. American tourists are not authorised to revisit Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and a Philippines. The same goes for Australia and New Zealand.

Also, Israel is revelation American tourists to stay divided solely for well-developed cases (which would need a 14-day quarantine).

What to cruise before we go

Before we make skeleton to go abroad, bear in mind that transport increases your risk of infection and a possibility that we competence unknowingly pass infection to others, worsening a disaster that has already claimed some-more than 1.3 million lives. Since March, local, state and inhabitant health officials have all urged Americans to stay tighten to home — preferably within their neighborhoods — and defer any low travel.

Masked passengers on a Southwest Airlines moody on Jun 3

The U.S. State Department has detailed nation-by-nation information on COVID-19 conditions abroad. The inhabitant Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has information on COVID-19 cases and deaths (with countries assessed during 4 levels of risk), and a World Health Organization maintains an updated dashboard. For another perspective, we can also check that countries the British supervision believes are safe to visit. (As of late October, some-more than 50 countries were on that list, though a U.S. was not one of them.)

Travelers should remember that restrictions competence count not usually on a end though also on airports we pass by on a approach to your destination. Temperature testing, facade mandate and amicable enmity are a order globally, not a exception. Also, if we need a new or renewed passport, sovereign officials contend a common wait is now 10 to 12 weeks. The group had a estimate reserve of some-more than 923,000 passports as of Sept. 30.

Finally, remember that as infection rates and geopolitics change, entrance mandate and State Department recommendation change. Check websites from a State Department about your destination.

Until some-more is famous about reopening on a tellurian scale, here are countries that competence let we in — if we know a rules.

No tests or quarantines required


You don’t need a COVID-19 exam to get into a country, though we competence be theme to health screenings during airports and other ports of entry, according to a U.S. Embassy in Albania. Flights to a nation resumed Jun 15. Note there are no approach flights to Albania from a U.S., definition you’ll have to cruise what nation we will pass by and what restrictions apply. Face coverings are compulsory for indoor spaces, including open transportation. Find U.S. Embassy information here.


You can fly into Brazil though land borders and ports sojourn sealed to unfamiliar travelers during slightest by Oct. 23, according to a U.S. Embassy Consulates in Brazil. As of Sept. 24, those who arrive by craft are compulsory to have explanation of health word for a brief stay of adult to 90 days. The word contingency be current for a time you’re in a country, with a smallest coverage of 30,000 Brazilian reals, or about $5,314. Several states and regions need face coverings. Find U.S. Embassy updates here.


Commercial flights recently returned to Bogota, Cartagena and other cities. As of Nov. 5, Americans don’t need a disastrous COVID-19 exam to enter a country, according to a U.S. Embassy in Colombia. However travelers will have to fill out a check-in immigration form and contention to other protocols. Find U.S. Embassy updates here.

Dominican Republic

You competence be theme to a COVID-19 fast exam and/or a heat check when we arrive, according to a U.S. Embassy. COVID-19 tests are achieved on “randomly comparison travelers.” Also, a Dominican Republic on Sept. 28 released a national curfew that’s particularly enforced from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Mondays by Fridays, and 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Go here for U.S. Embassy updates and here for Dominican Republic supervision information in English and Spanish.


The nation is open to all travelers. Commercial flights are handling during Pristina International Airport in a capital. The nation imposes curfews on businesses such as restaurants from 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m., according to a U.S. Embassy in Kosovo. Click here for embassy updates.


Storefronts and signs in a ancestral core of Mexico's San Miguel de Allende.

American tourists who arrive by atmosphere face no COVID-19 contrast or quarantine requirements. An agreement between a dual countries bans many Americans from channel into Mexico by land for low reasons.

North Macedonia

Americans are authorised to enter a Republic of North Macedonia though COVID-19 restrictions or exam required, according to a U.S. Embassy. Arriving passengers are theme to a thermal screening during pass control.


Americans are authorised to enter a nation though restrictions. Face coverings are compulsory for indoor locations and endorsed for outdoors. Find U.S. Embassy updates here.


No quarantine requirements. Visitors competence have to benefaction COVID-19 exam formula on arrival.


Americans are allowed, with no COVID-19 exam or quarantine compulsory if they are giveaway of symptoms.

Tests required

Antigua and Barbuda
Passengers nearing by atmosphere contingency have explanation of a disastrous COVID-19 exam (real-time polymerase sequence reaction) taken within a 7 days before their flights.

Aruba sets restrictions on American visitors depending on pathogen rates in a state they’re entrance from. As of Sept. 24, visitors from California were urged to get a COVID-19 exam 12 to 72 hours forward of a moody that will broach them to Aruba. There is a second option, however: Take a molecular (nasal swab) PCR COVID-19 exam during a airfield on attainment and wait adult to 24 hours for formula in your hotel room.


The U.S. Embassy reports that Americans are available to enter Armenia by atmosphere and are compulsory to “complete health questionnaires and self-quarantine or self-monitor for 14 days or contention to a PCR test. Individuals who select to take a PCR [COVID-19] exam and accept a disastrous outcome competence be exempted from self-quarantine requirements.” Armenia’s supervision website has some-more details.


The beach nearby a Crane Hotel on a Atlantic seashore of Barbados.

Americans are permitted, though as residents of a nation now tangible as high-risk for a novel coronavirus (as of Sept. 24), they contingency pass a COVID-19 exam within 72 hours before arrival. They afterwards contingency stay in authorized accommodations and contention to serve contrast and 7 days of monitoring after arrival.

American visitors to Bermuda are available if they get a disastrous outcome on a PCR COVID-19 exam administered no some-more than 7 days before drifting to a island. On arrival, visitors will be tested again during a airfield and quarantined in their lodgings until formula are behind (typically 24 hours).


Americans are authorised to revisit Bosnia-Herzegovina if they can uncover a disastrous COVID-19 exam (PCR) not comparison than 48 hours from a impulse of entry. The country’s Border Police group has some-more sum (but unless we pronounce Bosnian, you’ll need to use language-translation software).


Cable cars arise above Santiago de Chile.

Under a policy change effective Dec. 7, travelers from high-risk countries (including Americans) can enter a nation around a Santiago airfield and equivocate quarantine if they furnish justification of health insurance, fill out an confirmation and uncover disastrous formula of a COVID-19 exam (PCR) taken within 72 hours of depart for Chile. Those visitors will, however, have to news their plcae and condition daily via a 14-day “period of vigilance.” (That change follows an middle step, effective Nov. 23, when unfamiliar visitors can enter with disastrous exam results, confirmation and word though still contingency quarantine in Chile for 14 days.)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano during sunrise.

Costa Rica, that is evaluating U.S. visitors state by state, has non-stop a borders to California. It had already non-stop to residents of 19 other states. Costa Rica requires visitors to have upheld a COVID-19 exam reduction than 48 hours before their transport to a country. Visitors also need medical word and a health pass form, as minute on a website Visit Costa Rica.

Since July, Americans have been authorised to visit Croatia, as prolonged as they can show a disastrous outcome from a PCR COVID-19 exam administered reduction than 48 hours before arrival.? If we arrive with no exam result, we will be systematic to quarantine for 7 days and take a PCR test. Croatia’s Ministry of a Interior has some-more details.


Because a U.S. is deliberate a high-risk nation of origin, Americans are authorised in Dominica usually if they answer a health petition and upload and contention COVID-19 exam formula (PCR) that are no some-more than 72 hours old. Americans also contingency contention to a rapid COVID-19 evidence test on arrival. If a outcome is negative, a caller is authorised to conduct to a quarantine trickery or government-certified private skill for during slightest 5 days. After 5 days on a island, visitors take another COVID-19 exam (PCR).

Americans are allowed in Ecuador if they can yield explanation of a disastrous COVID-19 PCR exam taken no some-more than 10 days before entering a country. If we wish to revisit a Galapagos Islands, we competence need a second exam taken within 96 hours of arrival.


The Egyptian pyramids during Giza are scarcely forlorn in this print taken in August.

Americans competence enter Egypt with a disastrous COVID-19 exam (specifically a PCR and/or serology test) taken no some-more than 96 hours before their moody (children ages 6 and younger are exempt). You contingency uncover a printed duplicate of a test; digital formula will not be accepted. You contingency uncover explanation of health word when we arrive. Also, health screenings are in place during airports and ports. Find U.S. Embassy updates here.

French Polynesia

Americans competence enter with a test, though despotic manners are enforced. The region, that includes Tahiti, provides a list of authorized and nonapproved RT-PCR tests, that contingency be taken within 3 days of your depart date. Also, we contingency enter a formula on an electronic platform. During your stay in Tahiti, we have to exam 4 days after your arrival. Discos and nightclubs are closed, gatherings of some-more than 10 people aren’t allowed, and despotic manners request to restaurants and bars. You contingency wear a facade or face a unbending fine. Find updates from French Polynesia’s Tourism Office here.


Anyone 5 and comparison contingency have a disastrous PCR exam taken within 7 days of travel. Visitors contingency have a reservation during authorized lodgings and contingency take a PCR exam on a fourth day of their revisit to be authorised into a community. Also, visitors will have to exam disastrous before they are privileged to leave. Here are a Ministry of Health’s rules.


Americans competence transport to Honduras. You’ll need a PCR or fast exam to enter a country, and we can design health screening procedures during a airfield and ports. Shopping and other activities are authorised on swapping days, depending on a final series of your U.S. pass number. Find some-more information during a U.S. Embassy’s website.


Americans 12 and comparison contingency take a COVID-19 exam (PCR) that has been authorized by specific health officials (antigen and self-test kits won’t be accepted). You contingency take a exam reduction than 10 days before we transport to Jamaica and request to enter a nation (applications are supposed adult to 5 days — though no after than dual days — before your departure). Find updates during


Americans competence enter with a disastrous COVID-19 exam (PCR and/or serology) taken within 96 hours of nearing in a country. Also, your heat contingency be underneath 99.5 degrees, and we have to fill out a health form. Find updates during a U.S. Embassy site here and a Kenyan Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The Maldives

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island review in a Maldives.

All tourists contingency benefaction a COVID-19 exam (specifically a PCR or nucleic poison test) that shows we are disastrous for a novel coronavirus. It contingency be taken no after than 72 hours before your departure. (Babies underneath a year aged are exempt.) You also contingency fill out and record a health stipulation form (found here) within 24 hours of your depart and bear a heat check when we arrive. Also, travelers contingency have a reliable reservation during a hotel or resort. Check a Ministry of Tourism for a Republic of Maldives for updates.


Americans competence enter with a disastrous PCR exam or a novel coronavirus antibody exam that meets certain health standards. Tests contingency be taken no after than 72 hours before we arrive (children age 5 and younger are exempt). Here’s a catch: Within 15 days before your arrival, we can’t have stopped in or trafficked by countries whose residents are criminialized from Montenegro. Find some-more information during a U.S. Embassy in Montenegro.


Panama is open to visitors from all countries as of Oct. 12. Incoming travelers contingency benefaction a disastrous COVID-19 PCR or antigen exam taken no some-more than 48 hours before arrival. There’s an online portal we will need to use to send a information. The tourism website explains how it works; find some-more information during a U.S. Embassy


The Sacsayhuaman hull attract travelers on their approach to Machu Picchu.

Air passengers drifting into Peru are required to uncover disastrous formula of a COVID exam reduction than 72 hours old. More information during a U.S. Embassy in Peru. Machu Picchu reopened during about 30% ability on Nov. 1.


You contingency benefaction a disastrous COVID-19 exam (PCR) taken no some-more than 120 hours (five days) before your initial flight. You should lift a printed duplicate of your disastrous exam formula during your stay in Rwanda, according to a U.S. Embassy. When we arrive, we will be taken to a hotel to quarantine and be tested again (at your possess expense). Travelers need to stay quarantined until they accept a disastrous test, that should take about 24 hours. Also, we contingency finish a newcomer locator form with sum of your transport in a country, exam results, etc. For sum go to a U.S. Embassy’s website.

St. Barts

St. Barts requires Americans 12 and comparison to benefaction a formula of a disastrous COVID-19 exam (PCR) taken within 72 hours of their arrival. You also have to give a matter that we have no symptoms and that we haven’t been in hold with anyone who has in a prior 14 days. Travelers also competence be compulsory to take a second test, depending on how prolonged they stay. Expect to be screened when we arrive; masks are compulsory in a airfield and other indoor locations. Learn some-more during a U.S. Embassy’s site.

St. Kitts Nevis

Americans contingency fill out an entrance form and contention a disastrous PCR exam taken 72 hours before arrival. Then visitors will be cramped to 6 authorized hotels during their revisit for adult to 7 days. After that, if we pass a second PCR exam (at your possess expense, $100), we competence be available to book some excursions and entrance other areas. Visitors also contingency download a contact-tracing mobile app and bear heat check/health petition when we arrive. Find some-more information during a government’s website.

Also, design to bear a health screening during a airport, that includes a heat check and health questionnaire.

St. Lucia

Americans contingency have a disastrous COVID-19 exam (PCR) conducted no some-more than 7 days before they arrive in Saint Lucia. Also, passengers ages 18 and comparison contingency register and yield personal information during slightest 3 days before they arrive. Expect heat checks too. But a many tying factor: You contingency book a reservation during a COVID-19-certified resort, where we contingency stay for your whole vacation (unless we send to another COVID-19 quarantine property). Learn some-more during a country’s website.

St. Maarten

The Dutch side of a island common with France requires travelers to record an focus with a Electronic Health Authorization online before they arrive, that includes a disastrous COVID-19 exam (rt-PCR) within 120 hours of nearing in a nation (children ages 10 and younger are exempt). You competence be compulsory to have another test, depending on your depart destination. The U.S. Embassy breaks down a requirements here. You’ll find portals and links to St. Maarten’s mandate here.

St. Vincent and a Grenadines

Americans can transport to this eastern Caribbean destination, though it requires some work. First, passengers who arrive by atmosphere contingency have a disastrous COVID-19 exam taken no reduction than 5 days before arrival. Then we are retested when we land and contingency quarantine for 5 days in an authorized hotel (which we have already indifferent and paid for). You are afterwards tested again during intervals during your stay. You’ll also have to guard your heat for 14 days and news to inner authorities if we have a fever. Find some-more during a U.S. Embassy’s website.

Turks and Caicos

Americans who wish to revisit this end will need to request for preauthorization, that requires a disastrous COVID-19 exam (PCR) within 5 days of departure, explanation of insurance, an online health screening petition and other details. Children younger than age 10 are free from a test. Note that antigen and antibody tests won’t be accepted. Turks Caicos tourism website walks we by a process.

United Arab Emirates

In a Emirates (which embody Abu Dhabi and Dubai), all travelers contingency benefaction a disastrous COVID-19 PCR exam outcome within 96 hours of their departure. (Children younger than age 12 and those with disabilities competence be exempted.) After arrival, mandate competence embody another COVID-19 PCR exam and a 14-day quarantine during a hotel or suitable private address. The U.S. Embassy also reports that travelers in Abu Dhabi contingency wear a GPS bracelet for 14 days.

Quarantines required


Travelers will be screened on attainment and theme to a 14-day quarantine in “a government-selected trickery or hotel during their possess expense, with no control over a amenities,” a U.S. Embassy website says. Also, we competence be compulsory to use location-tracking apps on your phones to be means to revisit some businesses. Find information here.

United Kingdom

The skyline of London.

Travelers to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (which are interruption from a European Union) contingency record tour and hit sum online before they leave home. Find some-more information here.

You’ll also need to self-quarantine to enter England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (check any area, as they competence have somewhat opposite requirements).

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