Comey might be many things, though is he unequivocally a liar?

Media captionComey assesses Trump in new memoir

So let’s cut true to it. I’ve been reading a book, and watched a interview. we also spent hours listening to James Comey giving testimony to Congress before he was dismissed and afterwards. And my views about him have coalesced.

I consider he is vain, arrogant, pious, somewhat pompous, supercilious, faux-naïve over a Hillary Clinton emails and a purpose he played in final a outcome of a election, and wily in a personal comments he creates about Donald Trump – orange face, white half-moon eyes and tiny hands.

A tiny juvenile, no? And many of all we consider it is a lowest of domestic smears to give faith to a Moscow hotel peeing prostitutes story on a basement of carnal and unsubstantiated claims.

“I overtly never suspicion these difference would come out of my mouth, though we don’t know presumably a stream boss of a United States was with prostitutes peeing on any other in Moscow in 2013,” Comey pronounced in an talk with ABC News.

Well if we don’t know, afterwards don’t contend it. If a prolonged portion prosecutor (as he was in his younger days) had pronounced that in court, a counterclaim would have risen and pronounced “Objection your honour, conjecture”. And a decider would have postulated that objection.

So given is Comey doing that in a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” approach in his talk with George Stephanopoulos? It creates him demeanour like a small, sour male who mislaid his mind and mislaid his settlement during roughly a same time. There were a integrate of other asides about a Trump’s matrimony that seemed to me to fit into a “unworthy” category.

But there is one other settlement we would make about Comey. we don’t consider he’s a liar. And on a things that unequivocally matters, that is a key.

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If it ever comes to an impeachment routine opposite President Trump (something interestingly Comey says he hopes doesn’t occur – his justification that it was a American people who inaugurated him; it should therefore be a American people who foot him from office), afterwards his testimony could infer vital.

In a interview, he asserts there is “certainly some evidence” that Donald Trump blocked probity in seeking a former FBI arch to see a approach of dropping a box opposite Michael Flynn, a former inhabitant confidence confidant (Flynn has given pleaded guilty to one assign of fibbing to a FBI).

Comey suspicion it so surprising that he was carrying one-to-one meetings with a president, though a profession ubiquitous or arch of staff present, that he took a attendant (ugly word, we know) note of a assembly – presumably in a form of an aide-mémoire to himself, or in a chit to colleagues. Why this matters is that in a probity case, an FBI officer’s attendant note is accessible as evidence. Just like a recording of a conversation.

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Comey combined a stir when he testified to Congress final year

Are we to trust that a portion conduct of a FBI deliberately built these records given he knew earlier rather than after he was going to be fired, and these could afterwards be used to assistance move an deterrent of probity box opposite a sitting president?

Comey is an ambitious, unapproachable and status-conscious kind of guy. He wanted to do all to keep his pursuit – self offering was never partial of his plan. In a talk he talks about drifting behind from a West Coast immediately after he’d been unceremoniously fired. You could see a memory of that still caused him pain.

But proof he is a liar is a pivotal component to Republican plan during a moment. That is a approach we pull his sting. The rest is only stadium insults. The justification from a White House is that Comey is “known to be a leaker and a liar” – a word used by a president; a word used by his press secretary, Sarah Sanders.

Media captionTrump’s love-hate attribute with Comey over a scattered year

The evidence, as they see it, is his changing reason for re-opening a Hillary Clinton email investigation. And giving testimony primarily to Congress that a boss had not sought to meddle over a diagnosis of Flynn. They also credit Comey of leaking personal emails.

The boss tweeted that he will go down in story as a misfortune ever executive of a FBI. Well, let’s see. He will positively go down as one of a many argumentative – yes, even using J Edgar Hoover close.

His poise over a Hillary Clinton emails is unimaginable – for both Republicans and Democrats comparison – nonetheless for opposite reasons. And they uncover a misfortune of Comey. He announces she’s not going to be prosecuted for her use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State, though afterwards combined a unrelenting reprove to her behaviour, observant she’d been intensely careless. FBI directors routinely don’t contend anything. That was grandstanding.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has impugned Comey from a podium

Then dual weeks before polling day – dual weeks! – he announced he was reopening a review given of a find of a new society of emails. It totally remade a shutting stages of a campaign, and led to a large retreat in a polls. But he done that proclamation before looking during what those emails were.

And afterwards only days before polling, he vindicated claimant Clinton. So what a ruin was that all about? we suspicion what he pronounced was nonsense and a logic flawed. But we don’t doubt his frankness when he says he felt he had no other march of movement open to him.

In a talk Comey gets nowhere nearby to giving an adequate reason of given he did what he did. He looks like he was perplexing to be too crafty by half. He told Congress a few months behind that it left him feeling softly dizzy to consider that he could have influenced a outcome of a 2016 presidential election. Only mildly?

He is deeply flawed. But eventually it will come down to a doubt of who do we believe: a boss or his former FBI director?

One has a bit of a lane record of, how can one put this, creation assertions that don’t bear tighten inspection (for example, a fake claims that Obama wasn’t innate in a US, therefore was deceptive as president, that Muslims in New Jersey cheered when a twin towers came down in 2001, that a crowds for his coronation were bigger than Obama’s, that 3 million people voted illegally and that his was a biggest electoral college feat given Reagan – we could go on). His former communications director, Hope Hicks told a congressional conference that one of her jobs was to tell “white lies” for a president.

Media captionDo Trump electorate caring about a Russia investigation?

The other does not.

The boss has called Comey a slimeball. Quite possibly. But to neutralize him fully, Donald Trump has to criticise his credibility, and infer he’s a liar. That hasn’t happened yet, so for a impulse a 6ft 8in former FBI executive can still travel tall.

And that creates him dangerous.

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