Brexit: Theresa May says she understands 'the voice of a country'

Media captionMPs giggle after Theresa May accuses Jeremy Corbyn of seeking a doubt though reading her deal

Theresa May says she understands “the voice of a country” on Brexit, notwithstanding her possess vocals wavering.

Battling a bruise throat during Prime Minister’s Questions, she insisted a UK can still leave a EU with a “good deal” and pronounced she would opinion after to order out a no-deal exit on 29 March.

But Mrs May warned MPs they faced “hard choices” carrying deserted her understanding for a second time.

Jeremy Corbyn called on a PM to change march after a defeat.

He pronounced a understanding had been “decisively rejected” and it was time for a primary apportion to change her red lines.

After a Commons deserted Mrs May’s Brexit understanding by 149 votes on Tuesday, a EU has warned a risk of a “disorderly” Brexit has never been higher.

Its arch adjudicator Michel Barnier pronounced a EU “cannot go any further” in perplexing to remonstrate MPs to behind a concluded terms of exit and a UK had to mangle a impasse.

MPs will opinion during 19.00 GMT on either to retard a UK from withdrawal a EU though an agreement after this month.

Wednesday’s opinion usually relates to a 29 Mar deadline and would not order out a awaiting of a no-deal exit after this year, if Parliament is eventually incompetent to determine a approach forward.

May and Corbyn strife over Brexit deal

The Labour personality pronounced a primary apportion was in rejection about her possess deal’s miss of support after MPs deserted by a domain of 149 votes.

He suggested his choice devise to sojourn in a etiquette kinship was “the usually uncover in town”.

“Isn’t it time she changed on from her red lines and faced a existence of a conditions she has got herself, her party, this council and this nation into?” he said.

But dismissing calls from Tory MPs to welcome a no-deal exit now, Mrs May pronounced her understanding remained a best approach to honour a 2016 referendum result.

“I might not have my possess voice though we know a voice of a country,” she said.

“I trust we have a good deal. No understanding is improved than a bad understanding though we have been operative for us to leave on 29 Mar and leave with a good deal.”

Media captionTheresa May says businesses worry about Brexit uncertainty, though are some-more disturbed about a “Corbyn government”

What’s a response from a EU?

The EU has urged a UK to take “responsibility” for a actions.

“Again a House of Commons says what it doesn’t want,” Mr Barnier told a European Parliament. “Now this corner can usually be solved in a UK.

The EU, he suggested, had left “as distant as it presumably can” to prove MPs’ concerns over a agreement, quite in propinquity to a backstop, an word routine to stop a tough limit on a island of Ireland.

“If a UK still wants to leave a EU in an nurse manner, this covenant is, and will remain, a usually covenant possible,” he said.

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What are MPs voting on later?

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Members of a cupboard will get a giveaway opinion on either to leave though an agreement on 29 March

MPs will opinion on a supervision motion, that says a Commons “declines to approve withdrawal a European Union though a withdrawal agreement and a horizon on a destiny attribute on 29 March”.

Mrs May has pronounced Tory MPs will get a giveaway vote.

That means ministers and MPs can make their possess mind adult rather than following a orders of celebration managers – an surprising pierce for a opinion on a vital policy.

The no-deal discuss will start after Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Statement mercantile update.

Leaving a EU in 16 days’ time stays a UK’s default position underneath a law, unless talks are extended.

If a no-deal exit is rejected, MPs will opinion on Thursday on loitering Brexit by fluctuating Article 50 – a authorised resource that takes a UK out of a EU.

The EU has pronounced it would need “a convincing justification” before similar to any extension. Such a pierce would have to be concluded by each member state.

Although a PM managed to remonstrate about 40 Tory MPs to change their mind, it was not scarcely adequate to overturn a ancestral 230 opinion improved she suffered on a same understanding in January.

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Despite Tuesday’s defeat, a BBC News domestic editor Laura Kuenssberg said, there were ministers who believed it could still eventually overcome as other options gradually fell by a wayside due to miss of parliamentary support.

What alternatives are being discussed?

Labour wants no-deal to be “taken off a table” and is expected to behind an amendment – a legislative apparatus – tabled by MPs Jack Dromey and Caroline Spelman statute out a UK withdrawal though an agreement during any theatre in a process.

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey told a BBC that Parliament would increasingly “set a agenda” if a supervision was not in control of events.

She pronounced No 10 should cruise giving MPs a giveaway opinion on a full operation of options for a UK’s attribute with a EU – including Labour’s possess skeleton for a etiquette union.

What isn’t transparent is how a primary apportion indeed intends to puncture herself out of this awful domestic hole.

Some of her colleagues around a Cabinet list consider it shows she has to hook to a closer understanding with a EU.

Some of them trust it’s time now to go hell-for-leather to leave though an overarching understanding though pierce to make as most credentials as possible, and fast.

Other ministers trust genuinely, still with around dual weeks to go, and an EU limit subsequent week, there is still time to try to stratagem her understanding by – somehow.

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Among other proposals that could be discussed on Wednesday is a devise for a UK to leave though a grave agreement though with a array of safeguards to minimise mercantile disruption.

The plan, famous as a Malthouse compromise, is corroborated by Brexiteer members of a European Research Group of Tory MPs, as good as a DUP and former Remain ministers like Nicky Morgan and Damian Green.

It would see a argumentative uphold transposed by choice arrangements, an extended pay-as-you-go transition duration and a array of “standstill” arrangements for several industries until a finish of 2021.

Media captionCorbyn: PM’s Brexit devise “is dead”

Amid reports Brexiteer ministers have been postulated a giveaway opinion on this proposal, Tory MP Steve Baker told BBC News a devise – that would see Brexit behind until 22 May – was “eminently reasonable”.

But Tory former apportion Nick Boles pronounced this would volume to a no-deal exit and a EU would not determine to it.

What would UK do in no-deal scenario?

Ahead of a no-deal Commons vote, a supervision announced that most imports into a UK would not attract a tariff in a eventuality of a no-deal Brexit.

Under a proxy intrigue 87% of imports by value would be authorised for zero-tariff entrance – adult from 80% during present. Tariffs would be confirmed to strengthen some industries, including agriculture.

The supervision also announced it will not deliver any new checks or controls, or need etiquette declarations for any products relocating opposite a limit from Ireland to Northern Ireland if a UK leaves a EU though a deal.

The preference to dump all checks to equivocate attrition during a UK’s land limit with a EU will be proxy while longer tenure solutions are negotiated.

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