Brexit: Jeremy Hunt says UK will not stay in etiquette union

Media captionJeremy Hunt tells Today a supervision has ruled out staying in a etiquette kinship after Brexit

Jeremy Hunt has pronounced there is no probability of a supervision subsidy a etiquette kinship with a EU after Brexit.

The health secretary pronounced a UK wanted “frictionless trade” though would “find a opposite way” to grasp that.

A Conservative MP says she has cross-party support for an amendment job for a supervision to form “a” etiquette kinship with a EU after Brexit.

Theresa May will make a discuss on a UK’s destiny attribute with a EU subsequent Friday.

And Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to outline Labour process on a etiquette kinship on Monday, amid reports that his party’s position on it is “evolving”.

If he backs membership of a etiquette union, it could meant Mrs May faces a Commons showdown over a emanate – with pro-European Conservative rebels fasten army with Labour MPs.

Former primary apportion Tony Blair pronounced he would acquire a change in process from Labour towards a etiquette kinship – and if there was an “impasse” in Parliament on a issue, it done a box stronger for a referendum on a final Brexit deal.

Media captionTony Blair on a second referendum

Conservative MP Anna Soubry says she has cross-party support for an amendment to a Trade Bill, now going by Parliament, propelling a supervision to pursue as a negotiating design combining a etiquette kinship after Brexit.

A etiquette kinship means countries bar together and determine to request a same tariffs to products from outward a kinship – though it does not concede members to strike their possess trade deals.

Supporters of a UK being in a etiquette kinship disagree it is critical to strengthen businesses – though opponents fear it would meant “Brexit in name only” and a UK should make a possess arrangements.

Jeremy Hunt told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme a etiquette kinship was “one proceed of removing frictionless trade though it is not a usually way”.

The supervision wanted to determine “frictionless trade by agreement between dual emperor bodies, a United Kingdom and a European Union”, he said.

Asked if there was any probability of a supervision entrance turn to a thought of a etiquette kinship with a EU after Brexit, he replied: “No”.

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Jay Allen/Downing St

Image caption

The cabinet’s Brexit sub-committee discussed a government’s proceed for 8 hours during Chequers on Thursday


By BBC domestic editor Laura Kuenssberg

The assembly is over, though a open reason of a agreement won’t come until subsequent week.

So what was a deal? One of a ministers in a room pronounced that everybody was “rather happy” during a end, another pronounced that a PM had “played a blinder”.

More realistically, perhaps, one of those comparison total described it as an “outbreak of togetherness for now”.

Brexit backers are busily spinning that “divergence has won”, with a explain that a UK will go for supposed mutual approval with a EU on goods, definition there is no preference to follow EU manners slavishly for ever.

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The health secretary was not during a assembly of comparison ministers during Chequers on Thursday, during that a UK proceed to Brexit was discussed over 8 hours.

But he pronounced he had been told there had been a “very certain discussion” and “good progress” had been made.

‘Sovereign power’

He pronounced a extended agreement had been reached during Chequers, brazen of a contention by a whole cupboard and a primary minister’s discuss subsequent week.

“You have anomalous views on a large emanate like Brexit as we would design – though a executive common bargain is that there will be areas and sectors of attention where we determine to align a regulations with European regulations,” he said.

“The automotive attention is maybe an apparent instance since of supply bondage that are integrated.

“But it will be on a intentional basis, we will as a emperor energy have a right to select to diverge, and what we won’t be doing is usurpation changes in manners since a EU unilaterally chooses to make those changes.”

Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who was during Chequers, told Sky News there had been “a unequivocally good atmosphere” while Home Secretary Amber Rudd told a BBC: “We all got behind a primary apportion and we’ve concluded a basement for her discuss subsequent week and looking brazen to it going ahead.”

But pro-EU Labour backbencher Chuka Umunna – an fan of Anna Soubry – warned Theresa May her devise to leave a etiquette kinship could be degraded by MPs.

“There is no infancy in a House of Commons for us not to attend in a etiquette union, that is positively clear… it’s a existence of a parliamentary arithmetic.”

‘Kowtow to EU’

Of a government, he said: “If they are not going to change their position they are going to remove votes in a House of Commons, it’s a candid as that.”

He pronounced Labour’s position had been “evolving” on staying in some form of etiquette kinship and he pronounced he was assured his celebration would behind a amendment put brazen by him and Ms Soubry.

Tony Blair told BBC Radio 4′s The World during One that any “comprehensive etiquette union” would “mitigate extremely a problems of a tough limit between a Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland” and “protect what we have achieved on a island of Ireland over these past integrate of decades”.

On Mr Hunt’s comments on frictionless trade though a etiquette union, he said: “I’m going to be unequivocally meddlesome to see that bargain since we literally don’t know what they mean.

“This is ‘cake and eat it’ – it’s not only that Europe has done it transparent that it won’t determine that, it’s that a inlet of a singular marketplace is such is that it has one complement of regulation.”

He also done a box for another referendum on a UK’s final bargain with a EU, arguing that both sides in a discuss deserved a contend when it became transparent what Brexit will demeanour like.

Meanwhile the Times has reported that a primary apportion is formulation a U-turn over a right of EU adults who arrive in a UK after Brexit, though during a “transition period”, to sojourn in a nation permanently.

Conservative Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg told a BBC that would be “quite wrong”: “I’d be dismayed if Mrs May would make U-turn of that kind; she is a lady of good fortitude and for her to obeisance to a European Union is, we think, unconscionable.”

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