Black Panther's Dialect Coach Brilliantly Explains Why Wakanda's Accents Sound So Different

Image: Marvel

One of a some-more difficult and engaging questions on everyone’s mind immediately after a unequivocally initial Black Panther trailer forsaken focused on a Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wakandan accent—specifically about since several character’s accents seemed to be so opposite from one another. We now have an answer.

When we initial met T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and T’Chaka (John Kani) in Captain America: Civil War, it was transparent that Boseman done a preference to bottom a intonation of his Wakandan accent on Kani’s Xhosa accent. That’s still unequivocally most a box in Black Panther, nonetheless according to a film’s chapter manager Beth McGuire, realizing a fully-fleshed out and 3 dimensional Wakanda organically led to a broadening of what Wakanda’s accents sound like.

Speaking to Slate, McGuire explained how she worked with a film’s lead actors to assistance them rise a personal attribute with Xhosa so that they could broach their lines (which are subtitled in a film) in a approach that was both authentic and unaccompanied to any performer:

“They’d come in and we’d listen to sound samples that we had for them of people speaking, and I’d give them a playlist and I’d contend select your favorite three. we always like to work in threes since it keeps it from being binary, this one or that one.

And that meant that they have to unequivocally start to emanate what we would call their possess “idiolect.” They’re not imitating somebody nonetheless they’re starting to find a sounds and a rhythms in a song that are their own.”


When asked about some of a concerns that have been uttered about either Black Panther might have been culturally appropriative in a use of tangible African traditions in a origination of Wakanda, McGuire done a unequivocally distinct indicate about both a film’s pan-African expel and only what Wakanda’s ostensible to be:

“What was unequivocally engaging is, you’ll hear that they all sound like a same universe and they’re all vocalization with a Xhosa accent, nonetheless they’re somewhat idiolectical. Daniel Kaluuya’s accent is a small opposite than Letitia Wright’s accent, even nonetheless they’re both Brits, since Daniel’s relatives are from Uganda, since Letitia was innate in Guyana.

So we know, we have South America and Africa, and nonetheless they’re both black Brits. There’s all sorts of engaging overlapping and you’d have somebody like Chadwick, who is a unequivocally lerned actor nonetheless who’s from South Carolina, and Angela Bassett, who’s also a unequivocally lerned actress, who is from, she’s like New York and Florida and, we think, North Carolina as well. You know, we have all of these strange primary accents folding into another accent, so we get what we suspicion was a unequivocally good arrange of healthy eminence that had to do with all of a brew of tribes that are in Wakanda. Although we were unequivocally entertainment and regulating Xhosa as a hub, this arrange of only naturally happened and we suspicion it was kinda cool.

It depends on a country, since if you’re doing Liberian, afterwards American’s gonna assistance you. If you’re doing Rwanda, conjunction British or America’s gonna assistance we since it depends on who colonized a country. But if you’re doing Nigerian, afterwards yes, really British is gonna assistance you. If you’re doing South African, we know, that’s a call, since we had a Dutch. Honestly, it depends on who a damn colonizer was.”


In both Marvel’s comics and movies, a poignant partial of a science about Wakanda focuses on a fact that a nation was never colonized—something that competence make one assume there would be a unaccompanied Wakandan accent. But since a MCU’s depiction of Wakanda is so deeply secure in most of a iconography and traditions of real-world African cultures, it creates clarity that there would be a multiplicity of accents.

What’s more, Black Panther actually goes out of a approach to stress a fact that modern-day Wakanda began as a bloc of mixed tribes who seized a event to combine and grow together around a impact site of a vibranium mound. Respect for tradition and story is a executive component to a MCU’s Wakandan society, and it stands to reason that a opposite accents unaccompanied to any clan would still unequivocally most be a partial of complicated Wakanda.

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