Big 12 crowns dual champions though can’t collect one tip playoff contender

WACO, Texas — The initial prize rite went so uniformly on Saturday for Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby. Back in Fort Worth in a early afternoon, Bowlsby presented a Big 12 pretension prize to TCU manager Gary Patterson, whose organisation had usually beaten Iowa State. Patterson pronounced he desired everyone. Everyone Patterson pronounced he desired cheered.

Eighty-seven miles south, prolonged after night fell, Bowlsby presented another Big 12 pretension prize to Baylor manager Art Briles, whose organisation had usually beaten Kansas State. Briles ostensible a trophy, yelled that his Bears were a league’s “one loyal champion,” and afterwards proceeded to continue screaming during Bowlsby in a dilemma of a theatre while others blabbed into a microphone.

Presenting trophies to twin teams is a small like presenting rendezvous rings to twin women. Both feel reduction special, and a contingency of possibly anticipating complacency during a finish of a aisle are significantly reduced. Bowlsby has pronounced he will benefaction Baylor and TCU as a contention co-champions to a College Football Playoff preference committee, that purports to cruise a joining championship to be a poignant résumé line. The cabinet knows a temperament of a ACC champ (Florida State), a Big Ten champ (Ohio State), a Pac-12 champ (Oregon) and a SEC champ (Alabama). Which propagandize is it ostensible to select as a Big 12 champ?

Last week cabinet chair Jeff Long pronounced his organisation would not select a champion for a Big 12. So will that résumé line be left off for Baylor and TCU? If that’s a case, a usually Power Five joining with twin teams in legitimate playoff row could spin into a usually Power Five joining that gets left out of a playoff. Baylor and TCU competence both breeze adult jilted during a tabernacle since a Big 12 wouldn’t behind one or a other.

Here is a better, some-more sport-specific analogy: What does each manager contend while perplexing to confirm a quarterback controversy? If you’ve got twin quarterbacks, you’ve got no quarterback.

Well, if you’ve got twin champs, afterwards we substantially have no champ. That’s generally cryptic when a dual, dueling champs come from a joining that has bragged all deteriorate that it produces “One True Champion.”

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To anyone who ever played a competition anywhere and didn’t go to TCU, a usually Big 12 champion can be Baylor. The Bears finished with an 8-1 contention record. The Horned Frogs finished with an 8-1 contention record. The Bears played a Frogs on Oct. 11. The Bears won 61-58. End of discussion.

Even a Big 12 would seem to agree. This was posted on a league’s website in Jun and remained there on Saturday:

The following procession will establish a Big 12 Conference deputy to a Sugar Bowl (or swap College Football Playoff diversion when a Sugar Bowl is a semifinal) in a eventuality of a first-place or swap place tie (for a deterrence of doubt, usually Conference annals will be used via a process):

  1. If twin teams are tied, a leader of a diversion between a twin tied teams shall be a representative.

In years that a Sugar Bowl doesn’t horde a semifinal, it is where a Big 12 places a champion. So, this is radically how a Big 12 determines a champion in this situation. Except this season, when joining leaders motionless not to do it that way.

This substantially had something to do with a fact that a cabinet had TCU ranked No. 3 entering this week — above a playoff cutline — and Baylor during No. 6. But that didn’t matter to Briles. A few mins after his charcterised review with Bowlsby, Briles remained prohibited as he discussed his team’s pretension and how a Big 12’s clarification of champion competence impact a Bears’ playoff chances.

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“If I’m a commissioner of a league, afterwards these universities are his kids. You adore them all a same, nonetheless infrequently we have to compute who we benefaction to one and two,” Briles said. “That was a crux of a conversation. Don’t go open and contend we’re going to benefaction as co-champs if a bylaws contend head-to-head determines who goes into a play diversion if conjunction one of us are in a tip four.”

Briles satisfied a belligerent on that he trod after that statement. He looked toward a behind of a room to Bob Simpson, Baylor donor, Texas Rangers co-owner and all around kajillionaire. “If we get out of line, Bob will cover my fine,” Briles said. “So I’m in good shape. My requirement is to Baylor University — not a Big 12.” From a peanut gallery, Simpson chimed in: “Let’s get a money’s worth.”

Briles didn’t unequivocally contend anything that incendiary, and he expected didn’t measure points with a cabinet when he attempted to clear Baylor’s horrible nonconference report by observant that a Bears played in front of a largest throng in Buffalo — Bulls, not Bills — history. He also called Baylor’s 48-14 win over Oklahoma a best highway win in America this season. Rich Rodriguez, whose Arizona organisation kick Oregon 31-24 in Eugene on Oct. 2, would desire to differ.

But Briles’ simple indicate with courtesy to a Big 12 pretension was solid. “If you’re going to aphorism around and contend there’s ‘One True Champion,’” he said, “don’t go out a behind doorway instead of a front.”

Photo: Guillermo Hernandez Martinez for Sports Illustrated

Of course, that usually works in a evidence about a loyal Big 12 champ. It isn’t indispensably useful in a evidence about either Baylor is one of a 4 best teams in America. In fact, Patterson can and did make usually as many arguments to advise TCU is some-more worthy. The Frogs played a improved nonconference report — fundamentally usually Minnesota, nonetheless Baylor’s nonconference line-up was that toxic — had a improved detriment (Baylor) and kick a organisation that kick Baylor (West Virginia) in a place Baylor mislaid (Morgantown).

“Just consider about this,” Patterson said. “Imagine if Arizona and Oregon hadn’t played again. Arizona kick them head-to-head. And they kick them during their place. Does that meant that Oregon isn’t a good football team?” Patterson conveniently left out that Arizona mislaid twin regular-season games to Oregon’s one, nonetheless don’t stop him. He’s on a roll. Besides, we haven’t even mentioned Ohio State, that started a weekend ranked forward of Baylor, battered Wisconsin in a Big Ten pretension game and could leapfog TCU.

Meanwhile, a Big 12 can’t get out of a possess way. The joining that lived by a three-way tie in a South Division in 2008 and scarcely blew itself to pieces in ’10 and ’11 now has another debate wholly of a possess making. Fans of teams from other conferences will indicate to this conditions as explanation a Big 12 needs to supplement twin schools, separate into groups and play a championship diversion like a other 4 Power Five leagues. That would be stupid since a loyal spin robin indeed is some-more sparkling and eliminates a kind of grousing that arises when one organisation always seems to get a severe cross-divisional pull and another always seems to get an easy one.

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Also, a Big 12 isn’t adding twin schools solely during gunpoint. Why would joining members wish to separate a cake in some-more ways when nothing of a accessible schools beget adequate extract to remonstrate network partners to compensate adequate income to keep everybody creation a same volume they make now?

Still, a Big 12 and a ACC have petitioned to set aside a (extremely arbitrary) NCAA order that requires leagues to have during slightest 12 teams and twin groups to have a championship game. The Big 12 wants a choice to theatre one with 10 members. The ACC would like to embankment a groups and keep a pretension game. So, what happens now? “Certainly, there will be a lot of contention [about a pretension diversion waiver request] regardless of who creates a playoff,” Baylor jaunty executive Ian McCaw pronounced on Saturday. Asked if that contention would come during January’s NCAA convention, McCaw suggested a emanate is a small some-more pressing. “I consider it’ll start being talked about Monday during a Big 12 assembly in New York.”

If a Big 12’s hostility to name a champ leads to a joining being released from a playoff, that assembly could spin as exhilarated as a one in 2011 a day after Oklahoma State was close out of a BCS pretension diversion in preference of an Alabama-LSU rematch. All that assembly did was tip a change of energy in preference of scrapping a BCS and formulating a playoff. What would occur this time? Would it be a initial step down a trail to a eight-team playoff commissioners should have combined in a initial place?

We’re removing forward of ourselves, though. Maybe a Big 12 organisation will make a playoff. Maybe a preference to palm out twin trophies and equivocate creation a decisive matter will not come behind to punch a contention in a One True Championship. But as Saturday incited to Sunday, a chances of anyone concerned removing a good night’s nap approached zero.

“There are 6 teams that all consider they have a good box to make,” McCaw said. “And there are usually 4 spots.”

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