Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off a Rails

But a signs of a volatile, bullying celebrity became usually some-more conspicuous over time, generally after an ATV collision final year. Many who knew Mr. DiNardo pronounced that his mood became generally dark.


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On Thursday, he confessed to a Bucks County prosecutor that he and a cousin, Sean M. Kratz, also 20, were obliged for a heartless killings this month of 4 immature organisation who sought Mr. DiNardo out as their pot connection. Mr. DiNardo and Mr. Kratz have nonetheless to make a justice entrance and have not entered pleas.

Prosecutors pronounced that Mr. DiNardo lured a victims to a remote family plantation in northern Bucks County over dual days, and along with Mr. Kratz shot them, ran one of them over with a backhoe and burnt 3 of a bodies.

Chris Hellmuth, who people in Mr. DiNardo’s circuit pronounced was tighten to him, wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday that a dual were best friends given fourth grade, though grew detached given of Mr. DiNardo’s function after an ATV accident. Mr. DiNardo was quickly hospitalized for a mental health issue.

“The Cosmo we knew for over 10 years would never be able of anything like this,” Mr. Hellmuth wrote.

During Mr. DiNardo’s confession, a prosecutor’s bureau said, he also claimed that, during 15, he killed dual people in Philadelphia.

Mr. DiNardo grew adult in a middle-class suburb of Bensalem, a oldest child of Antonio and Sandra DiNardo. Antonio DiNardo owns a petrify company, Metro Ready Mix and Supply, and hereditary a remunerative genuine estate portfolio after a genocide of his father, for whom Cosmo DiNardo was named. Sandra DiNardo runs a trucking company, Bella Trucking, and she and her father built a essential partnership by offered petrify and delivering it.

A neighbor of a DiNardos in Bensalem pronounced Mr. DiNardo’s grandfather and father, who goes by Tony, built all of a mortar homes on their cul-de-sac. “He’s a workaholic, Tony,” pronounced a neighbor, a physician, who asked to be identified by usually his initial name, Abid.

Sabrina Gramiak, 23, who pronounced she attended St. Charles Borromeo School, a private facile propagandize in Bensalem, during a same time as Cosmo DiNardo, remembers him as “a normal child who usually got into teen trouble.” She pronounced he was once given a “Peacemaker of a Month” award. By eighth grade, he was bench-pressing 220 pounds and orchestrating well-attended pool parties during his home.


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But if there was a amicable side, there was also a scary, dim one, acquaintances said. While he was a teenager, his annoy and charge could not be talked down. At 15, he punched dual strangers during a mall when he saw them articulate to his girlfriend, according to a friend.

“Cosmo was crazy,” pronounced Amber Peters, 20, whose beloved was once tighten to Mr. DiNardo. “He’s been articulate about murdering people given he was 14.”

She pronounced Mr. DiNardo done neglected and repulsive overtures to immature women on amicable media. “He incidentally messages girls, saying, ‘Hey, babe,’ job them hos and perplexing to have sex with them.”

After high school, many of his friends went into a work force and started families. Mr. DiNardo enrolled in Aug 2015 as a commuter tyro during Arcadia University in Glenside, Pa., about 20 miles west of Bensalem, and announced an seductiveness in biology.

At a unison before a division began, he invited a organisation of womanlike students to his residence to swim. They declined, though Mr. DiNardo did not leave it during that.

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“He texted me any day after that seeking me to hang out,” pronounced Sara Dinner, a tyro from Mechanicsburg, Pa. “I eventually blocked his array given if he didn’t get his way, he would get so upset. we consider he had annoy government issues, honestly.”

Mr. DiNardo finished usually one division during Arcadia, though a subsequent tumble he began unresolved around campus. The campus military perceived complaints of “verbal incidents” by Mr. DiNardo that “unnerved university village members,” pronounced Laura Baldwin, a university spokeswoman. The propagandize sent him a approved minute saying that if he returned to campus, he would be treated as a trespasser. The propagandize also told a internal police, Ms. Baldwin said.

Last week, a lady posted a array of messages exchanged on Facebook in Dec and Jan that uncover Mr. DiNardo aggressively pestering her for a date and more. “Leave me alone please,” a lady replied, to that he answered, “why baeb I’m flattering lovable and so are you,” and, “i wanna make babies asap.”

The lady reliable that a sell was authentic, though like several acquaintances of Mr. DiNardo’s who spoke of his behavior, asked not to be identified by name.


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After he left Arcadia, Mr. DiNardo worked for his father’s petrify company, though he wrote on Facebook in Nov that he had altered on to sell “firewood,” that some friends pronounced was a formula for drugs. Friends pronounced he sole guns and marijuana, and one crony pronounced he wanted to pierce adult to offered harder drugs and incomparable quantities.

Friends and acquaintances pronounced Mr. DiNardo altered final year after he crashed a four-wheeler while alone in a woods on a family plantation in Solebury Township, about 45 miles north of Philadelphia. According to some accounts, he was stranded for hours, pang from damaged bones, until his father and younger hermit found him. Some friends pronounced he suffered a critical conduct injury.

A longtime crony said: “That occurrence gathering him over a edge. He was a some-more aroused individual.” The crony asked not to be named given of a enterprise to not provoke Mr. DiNardo’s family and an agreement among his friends to stay silent.

At an prosecution conference final week, a Bucks County prosecutor pronounced Mr. DiNardo was once diagnosed with schizophrenia. Members of his family and a counsel representing Mr. DiNardo declined requests for some-more information about his mental health. One longtime crony pronounced Mr. DiNardo twice spent time in a mental institution.

Mr. DiNardo, according to a authorities, instigated a killings of 4 organisation — Jimi Taro Patrick, 19; Dean Finocchiaro, 19; Thomas Meo, 21; and Mark Sturgis, 22 — with Mr. Kratz as an confederate to 3 of them. They were any charged with mixed depends of homicide.

Mr. Kratz, who has a story of burglary, burglary and other arrests, grew adult relocating around opposite Philadelphia neighborhoods and suburbs. He worked from 2014 to 2016 as a dishwasher during a retirement community, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, though was improved famous by some people for terrorizing his former girlfriend’s neighborhood.

Residents removed him as a spare teen in a black hoodie indicted of violation into homes and hidden valuables and landscaping tools, a journal reported. His former girlfriend’s mom pronounced she had prolonged suspected he stole her Yorkie.

Over a past 6 months, Mr. DiNardo’s sensitivity had turn increasingly public. In February, a neighbor in Bensalem, where Mr. DiNardo still lived with his relatives and 3 younger siblings, called a military after Mr. DiNardo was seen walking down a street, sharpened a 20-gauge shotgun in a air. He certified to an officer that he was not legally authorised to possess firearms given of his before mental commitment, military annals show.


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On Snapchat, Mr. DiNardo ranted about seeking revenge, appearing bloody in one video after he pronounced he got into a quarrel during a frame club. In a selfie, a one in that he seemed bare-chested and wild-eyed, he directed a revolver mounted with a laser during a phone.

Over a Independence Day holiday, a few days before a 4 organisation went missing, he sent an meaningful video warning in a private Snapchat summary to a few dozen friends, according to a chairman who watched it. He threatened to kill people who due him income and to get divided with it, vocalization while fibbing down with guns decorated behind him.

Now friends are perplexing to make clarity of how catastrophically his life went off a rails.

On Sunday evening, around 500 people, including some of a victims’ family members, attended a candlelight burial on a drift of a commemorative for a Sept. 11, 2001, attacks nearby Newtown, Pa. “It’s unequivocally about a village entrance together and healing,” pronounced Gloria Cugine, one of a organizers, before a 35-minute ceremony.

Mr. Hellmuth, a tyro during Drexel University, according to his Facebook page, wrote that he was not perplexing to forgive Mr. DiNardo’s function as he attempted to routine his possess startle and pain about it.

“His relatives never in a million years suspicion their son would ever be concerned in something like this nor did they lift him in any approach that done him do something like this,” he wrote.

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