Baffoe: Even In Its Ugliness, Football Finds A Way To Be Discussed

By Tim Baffoe–

(CBS) It doesn’t matter that we usually wrapped adult another enchanting opening weekend of a NCAA Tournament, nor that a Chicago Blackhawks usually became a initial Western Conference group to bind a playoff spot, their ninth true postseason appearance. Ditto that a World Baseball Classic has been magnificently fun as a MLB deteriorate is reduction than dual weeks away.

Whatever is function in a sports world, football will find a approach to boat into a conversation. Oftentimes, this is a NFL’s conscious doing. In a offseason, it strategically schedules a mix and breeze as vital TV events. With a difference of a unhappy state of a Chicago Bears, free-agent signings spin a tip stories in NFL markets regardless of what other teams in city are doing.

But infrequently football shoehorns a approach into a alertness in ways a NFL would rather it not. It competence be players articulate about a refusal to accommodate with a sitting boss of a Unites States. The weekly domestic assault box is also sickening for a joining (but not in an tangible dignified way). But of late, a many neglected review mostly has to do with health effects on former players. Within a final 7 days, there has been a quite shrill cluster of this.

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, 36, suggested final week that he believes his mind is influenced by ongoing dire encephalopathy (CTE).

In a video square for, Briggs said:

“I enjoyed each notation of football. we didn’t feel like we was in a diversion until we got a good pop. Either we got popped or we popped somebody. You’re not ostensible to be doing a things we’re doing to a bodies. CTE affects guys in a opposite way, and we start saying it even in a use of football. You get worried. we get endangered for myself. And even yet I’ve never had any suicidal thoughts or anything like that, for it to occur to some good group and good football players, we know that we can’t apart myself from that crowd.”

During his personification days, Briggs was mostly a go-to for an enchanting quote or soundbite, has been a visit enchanting guest on Laurence Holmes’s uncover on 670 The Score and immediately began operative in promote media following retirement. Briggs was always one of a sharpest football players going.

And now he’s wakeful that his mind is betraying him.

“I know we all have it,” Briggs told The Rich Eisen Show per former players and CTE.

“It does impact daily life. It’s some-more of something that some of those that are around me say, ‘Yeah, we can see where (you have) this issue,’ or you’re stuttering a small bit, or your memory lapses here and there.

“There’s also some symptoms that we don’t even know how to explain … It’s usually me during my ‘me’ time or vocalization with another football player, and we’re like, ‘You have this situation? Man, we have this situation.’”

Briggs says he’s doing mental exercises to understanding with his changing brain, yet scholarship tells us that’s sincerely fatuous when it comes to CTE. Football did this to Briggs. And in mid-March football is anticipating a approach into a conversations.

Hall of Fame Bears using behind Gale Sayers, 73, is pang from dementia, the Kansas City Star reported over a weekend. He might have grown it as distant behind as 2009, his wife, Ardie, told a Star. Sayers’ memories are fading, he has issues even essay his possess name and he can go by durations of overpower standard of someone whose mind isn’t induction what should be informed situations. And a vicious irony is that football done Sayers while now is stripping him of himself.

“Like a alloy during a Mayo Clinic said, ‘Yes, a partial of this has to be on football,’” Ardie said, adding, “It wasn’t so most removing strike in a conduct … It’s usually a jolt of a mind when they took him down with a force they play a diversion in.”

We’re during a spin of open articulate not about Sayers pitching a product or doing an designation uncover yet rather as a male who’s dissolving solemnly since of football. This is a football conversation, despite an upsetting one.

Then on Sunday, Dwight Clark, a target of a play so famous in football science that it’s simply called “The Catch,” announced that he has ALS.

Unlike what’s function to a smarts of Briggs and Sayers, Clark will be tortured by a penetrating recognition that his physique is violation down. This illness will kill him — and in a conform usually as vicious as a mind deterioration, usually distant some-more presumably visible. To know that Clark will know each step of that decrease is quite frightening. I’ve famous people who have mislaid their battles with ALS, and we still can’t suppose what it’s like to know some accelerated switch on your mankind and been flipped on and can’t be close off.

“The one square of good news is that a illness seems to be surpassing some-more solemnly than in some patients,” Clark wrote in a statement.

Still, a cold comfort same to Briggs articulate of doing small things to try to deflect off a inevitable.

“I’ve been asked if personification football caused this,” Clark wrote. “I don’t know for sure. But we positively think it did. And we inspire a NFLPA and a NFL to continue operative together in their efforts to make a diversion of football safer, generally as it relates to conduct trauma.”

Clark done certain to make a review about his genocide judgment one of football, too. How football kills a participants is now partial of a football conversation. And weeks private from a final Super Bowl and months from a subsequent preseason game, football makes sure it gets talked about.

Like it or not.

Tim Baffoe is a columnist for Follow Tim on Twitter @TimBaffoe. The views voiced on this page are those of a author, not CBS Local Chicago or a dependent television and radio stations.

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