Amex Travel's 2018 Trend Forecast Offers Unexpected Results, Plus Top 10 Destinations

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Connecting with others and informative soak in new places arrange high in a 2018 foresee (Photo: Lea Lane)

The finish of a year provides lots of transport surveys, though we generally like this one since it offers us some lesser-known, startling formula from a far-reaching operation of respondents.

Amex Travel’s 2018 Trend Forecast is formed on a new investigate conducted by American Express Travel, contemplating 2,000+ respondents, inner engagement information and consultant analysis. Results uncover it’s going to be an sparkling year for travel, and what travelers will be seeking most.

International Interest— American Express Travel’s general bookings are adult 44 percent for a initial entertain of 2018, according to inner engagement data. This is complemented by their new survey, where 25 percent of respondents bring training about history, art and enlightenment opposite a creation as their many critical transport idea for 2018.

  • 72 percent of respondents contend that they suffer training about opposite cultures.
  • 15 percent have trafficked to knowledge new languages, etiquette and people in a final year, and there’s a 5 percent boost to do a same in 2018 (20 percent)

Immersion of Cultures –Over half (57 percent) of Americans have set “exploring a new end that they’ve never seen before” as their many critical transport idea for 2018 and scarcely half of travelers (43 percent) bring anticipating a internal culinary mark in a hip area as a many sparkling dining knowledge while traveling.

  • 52 percent of Americans suffer removing mislaid and casually finding dark restaurants, shops and bakeries to emanate their possess memories
  • 49 percent of Americans cite trips with journey and excitement

Travelers find an ‘elevated’ knowledge –56 percent of U.S. travelers are peaceful to compensate some-more to get improved use and 53 percent like to be �lite while traveling. Additionally, oppulance travelers are increasingly engagement reward seating with 68 percent formulation to fly initial or business category in 2018. More than half (56 percent) of American travelers perspective a refreshed, lush reward aeroplane as a many preferred perk when roving by air. 

  • 51 percent perspective an airline chair ascent as a many preferred warn and pleasure when engagement atmosphere travel
  • 24 percent of U.S. travelers devise to use an airfield loll in a subsequent year
  • 41 percent perspective room upgrades as many preferred warn and pleasure when engagement a hotel

Connecting with those who matter –While solo transport still has a place, some-more than half (53 percent) of Americans cite a amicable transport knowledge over a solo one, with travelers seeking to bond with like-minded travelers for an optimal experience. Subsequently, who we are roving with (25 percent) is some-more critical than where we are going (17 percent), according to a consult findings.

  • 57 percent of Americans find to correlate with locals when traveling
  • 57 percent wish to stay with a internal while traveling
  • 21 percent contend that a many preferred warn and pleasure while on vacation is a singular activity designed by a internal expert

Focus on holistic wellness –Nearly half (49 percent) of U.S. travelers perspective transport as ‘energizing,’ with scarcely as many (48 percent) formulation to transport over a subsequent year to escape, recharge and reconnect with themselves. 

  • 22 percent of Americans contend that a many critical transport idea for 2018 is to undo from technology, work and bland life
  • 50 percent perspective on-site sauna services, restaurants, nightclubs and pool as a many preferred hotel feature
  • 61 percent of travelers contend they feel like ‘there’s never adequate time to do what they wish to do.’  

 Top 10 Destinations for 2018

Based on American Express Travel exclusive engagement data, a tip 10 transport destinations for a arriving year include:

  • Bali
  • Costa Rica: San Jose and Liberia regions
  • Dubai
  • London
  • Portugal: Lisbon and Porto regions
  • Rome
  • Tel Aviv
  • “Utah-lorado”: Park City, Salt Lake City, Aspen, Denver, and Vail
  • Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City regions
  • Zurich


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