Amazon Echo, Google Home or Sonos One: that intelligent orator should we buy?

Smart speakers are set to be a hottest Christmas present this year. On Black Friday, Amazon forsaken a cost of a core Echo product to £79 (it is behind adult to £90 now), while Google slashed a cost of a Home device from £129 to £77.50 during many outlets (it is also behind adult now). Meanwhile, Apple is earnest to launch a version, HomePod, nonetheless a cost indicate is rumoured to be significantly higher.

With a pre-Christmas launch of a Echo Show, that ups Alexa’s diversion with a built-in screen, are they a subsequent must-have device? A elementary voice authority can fill your room with song – and change tunes whenever we wish. They will answer questions on a immeasurable operation of topics, set alarms, tell we a continue and what your invert binds in store. Some can sequence roughly any products over a internet for smoothness within hours or days. Hooked adult with other devices, they spin lights on and off and control a heating. But they have also been indicted of creation feign purchases and snooping on your conversations.

Your questions answered

What are they? Essentially internet-connected speakers with built-in synthetic comprehension in a form of voice assistants, like those on many smartphones. The dual biggest players are Amazon, whose Echo uses a Alexa voice assistant, and Google, whose Home orator uses a Assistant voice approval system. Apple’s HomePod, regulating a timeless Siri voice assistant, was scheduled for launch in December, though a date has slipped to early subsequent year.

How do they work? The built-in microphones listen for a wake-up word. Saying “Alexa” to Amazon’s orator or “Hey, Google” to Google’s inclination wakes them adult so they start listening to you. From that impulse they send all we contend to a server to appreciate what you’re observant and respond with an answer, movement or similar. It all happens in a separate second over wifi.

What can they do? Any series of voice-related tasks, though many people use them to play song by simply seeking for a track, artist or album; answer ubiquitous believe questions; and to set timers, alarms and, if we have left to a difficulty of environment it up, to control intelligent home inclination such as intelligent lights.

They can also can block into your calendar to let we know what your day looks like. They will also mostly reinstate a digital radio, accessing any radio hire that plays around a web.

Are they always listening? Yes, unless muted. The microphones are always listening out for a arise word.

What are they good at? They’re best during behaving activities when your hands are differently occupied. Setting timers in a kitchen while your hands are lonesome in flour; personification a bit of song and afterwards skipping a lane or branch adult or down a volume when comical a toddler; or simply settling arguments on who scored a winning idea in a crater final – though carrying to get out your phone. It should work on even utterly delayed broadband connectors – nonetheless during times if we are listening to music, it might dump out on really delayed connections.

The Google Home has clever voice recognition. Photograph: Google

What’s a disproportion between Alexa and Google Assistant? Broadly vocalization they perform really similarly. Alexa has a incomparable series of integrations with other apps from third-parties, such as National Rail, a Guardian, Ocado or Uber. Google Assistant has somewhat improved healthy denunciation understanding, quite if we make a disaster of your question. It also has a incomparable ubiquitous believe database with a ability to tumble behind to reading out Google hunt formula for those problematic queries. You are also told where a outcome came from, withdrawal it adult to we to confirm either we trust a source.

Will they meddler on us? The inclination listen out for your arise command, lift out a instruction, afterwards close off. However, any authority is accessible to your comment for posterity unless we undo it. There is no justification that a inclination are listening into ubiquitous conversations afterwards regulating a information commercially.

Can we – or my kids – buy things with them? It’s possible. Alexa can buy products from Amazon around voice regulating a site’s one-click settings of your default remuneration and smoothness details, so approbation your children can indoctrinate it to buy, say, Xbox games. But we can spin off purchasing during a opening to equivocate this happening.

The Sonos One has glorious sound, though lacks some customary facilities accessible to a Echo. Photograph: Sonos

Do we need additional subscriptions? No. To use Alexa we need an Amazon account, though we don’t need to be a Prime subscriber. For Google’s Assistant we need a Google account, though not a subscription to any of Google’s paid-for services.

Which song services do they support? Alexa supports Amazon Music, both a 2m-song library chronicle bundled with Prime membership (£79 a year) and a full 40m-song library Music Unlimited during £3.99 a month with an Echo. You can supplement Spotify, TuneIn and Radioplayer.

Google Assistant will play your possess uploaded song library for giveaway (from your Google Play account), and paid-for services such as Spotify. Google Play Access All Areas is £9.99 a month.

Alternatively, we can tide song around Bluetooth from a phone, inscription or computer.

Do they make voice calls? In a UK Alexa can call Amazon’s operation of Echo speakers, as good as a Alexa app on a smartphone owned by we or your friends. You both need to have set adult this function.

Google Assistant can now usually place calls in a US or Canada.

The Apple HomePod has central launch date as yet. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Which should we buy?

Each device has a advantages, though we reckon that a Amazon Echo is a best all-rounder.

Amazon Echo

Price £90 though demeanour out for deals. It has good audio quality, an glorious ability to hear we over noise, and a plain underline set.

Google Home

Price: £129 though was widely ignored to £77.50 for Black Friday. If we can get it for that cost or less, afterwards it becomes a contender. Sound peculiarity is poorer than a Echo, though Google’s voice approval is better.

Google Home Mini

Price: £49 If you’re looking for something to only answer ubiquitous believe questions – who starred in a film or scored a winning idea – it’s a best bet, though it’s not good as a song speaker.

Apple HomePod

Price: Unknown No central launch date yet, though it could be early 2018 and is rumoured to be around a £300 mark. Apple will be penetrating to offer a top peculiarity song experience. But a Siri voice partner is widely regarded as diseased compared to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sonos One

Price £199 The best-sounding smart speaker to date has Alexa integrated into it, and is betrothed to accept Google Assistant-support subsequent year, though lacks some customary facilities accessible to a Echo such as daily briefings and some song features.

Amazon Echo Dot

Price: £50 The smarts of Alexa precipitated into a smaller puck-sized device with a tiny speaker, though audio outlay options to bond adult outmost speakers, creation it good for adding Alexa to existent kit.

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