All The Secrets From Harry Potter’s ‘Diagon Alley’ Preview Event

For years, Harry Potter fans have been expecting a opening of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter’s enlargement in Universal Studios Orlando. And now, finally — Well, it’s not here yet. The Diagon Alley enlargement isn’t open to a open until Jul 8.

But final night (June 18), Universal hold a Preview Event for media, VIPs, and stars of a film, and MTV News was on a scene. Here’s all that happened that blew a tiny Muggle minds.

Reducto Carpet

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley Red Carpet Arrivals

Things kicked off with a Red Carpet eventuality featuring many of a vital stars of a “Harry Potter” movies, yet sadly zero of a strange 3 (Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint) done an appearance. Nor did Steven Spielberg or J.K. Rowling, notwithstanding flurried hum among a fabricated reporters that they would be warn attendees (and also notwithstanding Spielberg carrying zero to do with a cinema other than being a coooool dude).

Instead, we had to make do with just Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright), Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch), Bill Weasley (Domhnall Gleeson), Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis), Fred and George Weasley (James and Oliver Phelps), Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane), Professor Flitwick (Warwick Davis), Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) and Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter).

We’ll have some-more with them later, as we chatted with many of a stars on a carpet, yet sufficient to contend a categorical takeaways were that everybody loves Luna, and Neville is a ultimate Potter fan hunk supreme, something no one could have ever likely ensue behind during “Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Working On Our Knight Bus

Working on my Knight Bus. #DiagonAlleyPreview

The eventuality kicked off in aspiring with a lights all going out in a area, solely on a Knight Bus. The iconic automobile has been reproduced outward a London façade of a new area, and out popped a Knight Bus operator. He hopped onto a podium, and introduced Universal and Warner Bros. executives.

Which was all unequivocally exciting, yet a biggest acclaim was saved for Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara observant that a Harry Potter fans were a best in a world. Cue joyous screaming from a fans who had lined adult for hours usually to get a glance of Neville’s longbottom.

Also, someone greatfully remind me to remind Tsujihara he pronounced that Harry Potter fans were a best once Warner Bros. gets going in aspiring with a DC Comics’ line-up of films. Fan fight!

Hagrid Explodes
The vast finish was mixed fireworks and explosions, as Coltrane used a tangible powerful Hagrid had hold in a cinema to open adult Diagon Alley, usually like he did in them there movies. And then, it was into a area proper.

Diagon Alley

WWoHP - Diagon Alley

Okay, here’s a thing: Diagon Alley is a vast area dim behind a feign London in a Universal Studios partial of a park, and roughly contains a possess atmosphere. The entertainment of it is pleasing and insanely detailed, too, trumping a strange Hogsmeade area especially since it is so impossibly immersive.

Whereas tools of Hosgmeade exhibit other parks and coasters, when you’re in Diagon Alley, you’re in Diagon Alley. Or rather, you’re in a area, and can bend off into a series of parts:

Where The Streets Who Must Not Be Named
Diagon Alley itself is usually a tiny partial of a new area, that also includes: Garkitt Market, a monster themed territory (which we’ll get to in a moment); Horizont Alley, a selling travel identical to Diagon Alley; and a immorality Knockturn Alley. It’s frankly, massive, and contains adequate to ramble by and demeanour during for a good prolonged time. Where Hogsmeade has a handful of interactive storefronts, a Diagon Alley area has as many to demeanour during as many flattering sized museums.

Goblin Market

Harry Potter and a Escape from Gringotts

The Goblin Market territory has dual categorical draws: a monster income exchange, and a Gringotts Bank Ride. The income sell is a neat tiny store filled with chocolate Gringotts bank coins, and a possibility to sell your genuine income for sorceress money, something that fundamentally boils down what’s going on in a park to it’s many basic: here is some of your possess money, now here is a toy.

But a biggest pull is a terrifyingly genuine looking monster animatronic that will indeed respond to questions we ask. It looked me in a eyes. It was scary. we left.

Don’t Bank On Gringotts (Yet)
The new Gringotts Bank rid, meanwhile, is insane…ly designed. we had watched “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 2? usually a other day (which is a impulse for a ride), and a settlement work is uncanny. You are walking into Gringotts bank, finish with scribbling, operative goblins.

From there, we take your design for a collectible Gringotts ID after on, conduct down a precarious elevator, travel by some caverns, and ensue a ride. Unfortunately, other than a few propitious riders during a commencement of a night, a float had damaged down and had to be closed.

Obviously they’ll have this bound by opening day, yet it was a bit of a bummer not to see a float that’s ostensible to change a ensue we float things AS WE KNOW IT.

Anyway, hopefully some-more on that later, as we’re removing another debate after on today, and should hopefully have a outline then.

Butterbeer Ice Cream: Game Changer

Diagon Alley_2

The food in The Wizarding World is delicious. Having turn insanely dependant to Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice and a ubiquitous array of tantalizing dishes accessible during Hogsmeade, we was extraordinary how Diagon Alley would smoke-stack up.

Mic. Dropped.

A new store called Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour offers many tasty concoctions, including a crowd-favorite Butterbeer soft-serve ice cream, that is as honeyed and tawny as one would hope. The emporium also serves Earl Grey and Lavender ice cream, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Chocolate Chili and ensue more.

But for my money, a best of a best are a new drinks, taken true from a books. Tongue Tying Lemon Squash is a ridiculously delicious, impossibly green lemonade, while Fishy Green Ale is substantially a many violent splash I’ve ever had.

Like many of a Harry Potter drinks, Fishy Green Ale is crazy sweet, so ensue with counsel if we don’t wish a sugarine buzz. It’s a arrange of tea-flavored splash that has blueberry “fish eggs” on a bottom. we don’t know what they are, yet a tiny balls raze in your mouth as we siphon them by a straw, causing an blast of sweet/sour flavor. They’re amazing.

Beyond that there’s some customary English fare, including duck pie, fish and chips and more; yet all important since they tasted ensue improved than your unchanging thesis park food. With long, organisation tables during a Leaky Cauldron grill (which is outrageous and beautifully designed, we competence add), it’s a good choice contra a umpteenth portion of pizza or duck fingers we competence get in other thesis park areas.

The Wand Chooses The Wizard
Another unequivocally cold further to both sections of a Wizarding World is an interactive wand game. It’s misleading how many it’ll cost, since they usually handed me one for free, yet regulating a special designated wand, we can conduct to 34 opposite areas around a park and make a tiny sorcery of your own, blink wink.

Meaning, by hire on specific steel plates, relocating your wand in a demeanour indicated on a image and cheering a sorcery word or phrase, we can correlate with an area of a park.

For example, a garland of chattering shrunken heads were silenced once we changed my wand in a discerning laterally “S” pattern, and shouted, “Mimblewimble!” Or saying an animation of a bird, we done a discerning triangle and shouted, “Incendio!” that done a bird grow hulk feet.

Even if you’ve attempted all 34, it’s something that final repeat viewings, as a series of a spells have opposite outcomes any time. In box we weren’t already spending all day during The Wizarding World? Yeah, now we are.

All Aboard For Hogwarts

Hogwarts Express, now docked during Hogsmeade. #DiagonAlleyPreview

Though a Gringotts float competence have been down, a other new vast ride, The Hogwarts Express, was unequivocally many in operative order. And it’s intensely cool.

Essentially a monorail with theming, riders enter by King’s Cross hire in “London,” outward of Diagon Alley. After flitting by an insanely vast and accurate reproduction of a station, finish with some impertinent ads for “magical” perfume, we get to run by a opening between Platform 9 and 10. Sort of.

See, here’s a thing: it’s a neat effect, yet it usually works if you’re examination someone else. Using pretence mirrors, we can watch friends and other passengers pass by a wall onto a mythological Platform 9 3/4. Try it yourself, and you’re usually walking into a hallway.

That said, once we house a Hogwarts Express, we do get dual unequivocally different, and unequivocally cold journeys. They both final about 5 mins while we lay in atmosphere conditioned comfort a sight automobile right out of a movies.

You can watch a panorama pass by outward on one side, glimpsing film characters like Hagrid and a Fred and George Weasley; while each once and a while, murky total of Harry, Ron, Hermione and some-more pass right outward your cell door, finish with discourse (and a glance of Rupert Grint, clearly a usually actor who lent his correspondence for this sold ride).

The tour from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley is comparatively calm, yet there is a licorice spider conflict that is kind of creepy; and we do get to see Voldemort wielding a Elder Wand outward your window, as seen in a final dual movies.

The float from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade, however, is distant some-more intense. Death Eaters start aggressive London, a skull is seen in a sky, and afterwards Dementors conflict your sight car, finish with a crazy looking ice effect. Then chocolate frogs get everywhere, that is somewhat reduction scary, yet still flattering uncanny looking.

Point being: if we can usually float one way, make it Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade.

The Big (Moving) Picture

Diagon Alley Night

Yes, Diagon Alley does have a clever concentration on shopping: all from a dim humanities store in Knockturn Alley, to a awesomely themed fun emporium Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes is all about removing we to buy stuff.

The problem is, a things is really, unequivocally good made. Or delicious. Or both.

But over being a unfounded chasm to chuck your income into, it’s also impossibly detailed, rivaling even a high symbol of Hogsmeade, a strange Wizarding World section.

If we are visiting after a new territory opens on Jul 8, you’ll need to buy a sheet for both Islands of Adventure (home of Hogsmeade) and Universal Studios (home of Diagon Alley) in sequence to get a full experience, yet it’s good value it.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, or usually a fan of things that clearly took a lot of time, thought, and usually demeanour damn cool, Wizarding World of Harry Potter has once again upped a game.

Diagon Alley opens to a open on Jul 8.

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