Aeropostale, Starter, and other intensely old-fashioned brands that used to make college football uniforms

College football players in 2018 wish to wear Nike products, or maybe other large brands like Under Armour or Adidas. But substantially usually Nike. Apparel sponsors have altered a lot around a years, from back when everybody usually wore Converse.

But do we remember these brands creation college football rigging progressing this millennium? Most of these done clarity during a time, during least.

This mall tack developed into a teenage outfitter, with polos and striking T-shirts renouned in a ‘90s and 2000s.

'Black Friday' sales in Los Angeles

Photo by Aydin Palabiyikoglu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Yep, this was also UConn’s outfitter in a early 2000s. The uniforms were fine, to be honest, yet a colliding shoulder stripes demeanour antiquated now:

“When there was this word of ‘hey we guys are going to switch to Aeropostale,’ we meant for sure, my initial greeting was like ‘wait, what?’” former UConn quarterback Dan Orlovsky told SB Nation around phone interview. “Because when we was a child is when kind of Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie Fitch kind of blew adult a small bit.”

“Part of me positively was a head-shaking like, ‘Wait, what are we doing?’” Orlovsky continued. “And partial of me was like ‘Well they’re going to be improved than a ones we’ve been wearing.’”

When UConn played a Hurricanes in 2002, Aeropostale gave a Huskies a special provide — china pants to wear on a road.

“I remember a manager sat us in a assembly and pronounced ‘Aeropostale’s gonna give us these china pants for a Miami game.’ It was like, when we see those viral videos when a child gets a grant — that was a team’s reaction,” Orlovsky said. “It kind of was legit a biggest thing ever given we were so used to what we had, and a expectations weren’t that high.”

For Orlovsky’s comparison deteriorate in 2004, a Huskies switched to Nike, that stays a program’s outfitter.

“We kind of knew that we were a good football team, yet when we done a switch from Aeropostale to Nike, we indeed felt like a genuine college football team,” Orlovsky said. “We felt like we belonged on a field, if that creates sense.”

“As a kid, we don’t know if we was wakeful of it, yet now I’m removed, we comprehend how large of a understanding it was for we as an contestant to have that,” Olovsky continued. “And we consider it was truly one of those things where we finally felt ‘OK, now we really, really, unequivocally go given you’ve got a swoosh and we’ve got a swoosh.”

Pitt had a understanding with Aeropostale too, around a same time. Aeropostale outfitted Pitt coaches and gave players warm-up gear, not tangible jerseys:

When Pitt football Coach Walt Harris strides along a sidelines during Heinz Field this fall, take a notation to check out what he’s wearing. No, not a headset. The clothes.

”He’s going to demeanour many hipper than he did in prior years,” betrothed Chris Finazzo, comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous merchandising manager for Aeropostale.

No offense, yet this clothier to a teen marketplace is assured a fashions will re-make a man.


You know New Balance, a using shoe code adored by dads everywhere.

New Balance

Up until 2009, if we can trust it, New Balance given Central Michigan.

Motor City Bowl - Florida Atlantic v Central Michigan

Photo by Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

CMU switched to Adidas in ‘09. When a understanding was announced, it looked like a positive step:

Perception is everything.

In further to a “cool factor” of Adidas, their association also supposing CMU with a best bid; a bid that Dave Heeke hidden would save a university thousands of dollars–hard to disagree with that.

Any approach we edging this jaunty attire understanding up, it is good for recruiting, a athletes and a university.

You know Reebok, that done those ‘90s inflatable shoes:

The association sponsored Boston College until 2009, when a propagandize switched to Under Armour. The uniforms were OK, yet they were flattering basic:

Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Boston College Eagles - Nov 1, 2003

Photo by Stanley Hu/WireImage

“The Reebok uniforms were not a good duration for BC,” BC Interruption’s A.J. Black said. “The Eagles of march are maroon and gold, and Reebok never got a right shade of a tone on a uniforms, instead featuring an off red.”

Look during these shoes!

Reebok also had a understanding with Iowa in a late 1990s and early 2000s. The jerseys were wise for a decade, yet had a weirdly centered Reebok logo:

Michael Burger

“In general, they’re flattering identical to what Iowa wears today,” Black Heart Gold Pants’ Ben Ross said. “They are, however, a uniform of Iowa fable Tim Dwight. When one thinks of Iowa’s Reebok unis, Tim Dwight is a initial thing to cranky a mind. Perhaps Reebok gave Dwight some arrange of superpower, that is excellent with us. They aren’t a “Banana Peel” jerseys that preceded them, and that’s substantially a good thing. So do we skip Reebok? Not really. At least, not as many as we skip Tim Dwight.”

Reebok matched adult Northwestern in 1997, too:

Northwestern V Ohio State

Apparently a boots weren’t great, per one former Wildcat kicker:

“When [future conduct coach] Pat (Fitzgerald) got injured, his feet got held in a seams of a turf. And we also consider it was an denote of a Reebok shoe we was told to wear. That was a initial diversion we had ragged a Reebok shoe and we didn’t like it. But that’s a business of college football. We had turn a prohibited object and were told we had to wear Reebok shoes.”

Northeastern also wore Reebok until 2009, definition this was a final all-Reebok college football game, right around a time Reebok stopped outfitting NFL teams as well:

Northeastern v Boston College

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Russell is essentially famous for a impossibly gentle sweatpants.

Since 1992, Georgia Tech has had a Russell Athletic deal, that ends in a summer of 2018. The Yellow Jackets are a final Power 5 propagandize to not have a understanding with Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour.

NCAA Football: Georgia during Georgia Tech

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Jackets have mislaid recruiting collateral by not wearing one of a large 3 attire dealers — Russell usually isn’t a good look.

They’re joined by usually 3 other FBS programs in that respect, as good as a Arena Football League, a Harlem Globetrotters, and Little League Baseball. we meant no disregard to a unequivocally fun indoor football league, a world’s many interesting basketball team, or anyone’s children, yet that’s not accurately a kind of disdainful association that a Power 5 jaunty module should be aiming to keep.

Other college football teams like Ohio and Southern Miss are also withdrawal Russell.

The jackets Starter done were next-level, and we really owned one when we was little:

But they also done jerseys ragged by tangible players. In a mid-’90s, for example, a Florida Gators wore Starter jerseys. You can see a trademark on a sleeve below, with an “S” with a star subsequent to it:

South Carolina Gamecocks v Florida Gators

Thank we to a reader who forked out that these are forever improved than a offensive Alligator-print alternates Nike gave to Florida final year:

Shoutout to a readers for reminding us of a 1990s code that granted a handful of college football uniforms and was after bought by Converse, that was after bought by Nike.

It even granted NFL jerseys, too:

Some of we all also forked out that Champion was a retailer in a 2000s to teams like Purdue, Notre Dame, and Minnesota. The trademark is a “C” with what looks like a line going by a center of it:

Ohio State v Purdue X Mitrione

Jared Clark #9


Now, this technically falls underneath Nike, yet a singular Jordan Jumpman trademark is on a jerseys instead of a normal swoosh. Michigan, UNC, Florida, and Oklahoma are wearing Jordan uniforms in 2018:

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Outback Bowl - Michigan v South Carolina

Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire around Getty Images

It’s a small peculiar saying a Jordan trademark on football uniforms, yet as some-more teams get sponsored by MJ’s brand, fans will get used to it, generally given players adore it.

With a complicated brands that Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas have, uniforms demeanour a lot improved than they used to. In 20 years, though, maybe we’ll demeanour behind on one of today’s large 3 brands and giggle about a fact that they were in college football during all.

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