Adding some-more Group of Five teams to a college football playoff would be overkill

In a College Football Playoff era, a judgment of “playoff creep” — that a four-team domain would shortly turn an eight-team field, that would afterwards turn a 16-team domain and so on — has customarily been talked about relations to Power Five teams and conferences. Put simply, if a distinguished Power Five module (say, Ohio State or Alabama) or an whole distinguished discussion (say, a SEC) was left out of a playoff, a domain would enhance to make certain such an repudiation didn’t occur again. Plus, a income concerned in flourishing a playoff competence be too remunerative to pass up.

But “playoff creep” has never been a subject involving Group of Five teams. Air Force manager Troy Calhoun has an thought that would change that. In essence, he wants a four-team Group of Five playoff, a leader of that would afterwards pierce on to an eight-team College Football Playoff featuring a 5 Power Five discussion champs and dual furious label teams. The Colorado Springs Gazette explained Calhoun’s speculation …

That Group of Five playoff would include of 4 entrants. He didn’t mention how those 4 would be determined. Maybe it would be a top-rated champions among a Group of Five. Maybe a tip rated regardless of conference.

Point is, as a fan, he wants this routine to be open to all involved, and he customarily cites Cinderella stories from other college sports as an example.

“I consider it would unequivocally move a entire that would be superb for a suggestion of college football,” Calhoun said.

It’s an outside-the-box idea. Calhoun deserves credit for that much. But poking holes in it is easy. 

The many apparent emanate is a perfect series of games involved. At a minimum, a group that wins a Group of Five playoff and moves onto a College Football Playoff would have to play 3 additional games — dual G5 playoff games and afterwards a CFP quarterfinal — that is some-more than what stream CFP finalists have to play. At a maximum, that group would play 5 additional postseason games. Tack that onto a 13-game deteriorate and, theoretically, a Group of Five group could play 18 games. That’s some-more than many NFL teams. We can’t keep seeking college football players to play some-more and some-more games though profitable them a salary.

Secondly, it’s capricious what form of marketplace demand, if any, there is for some-more Group of Five teams in a playoff of any kind. For example, a thought of a second playoff involving Group of Five teams has adequate legs that it won’t totally die. But in a query for that subsequent media rights pot of bullion on a other finish of a rainbow, it’s different only how full that pot unequivocally is. In February, Northern Illinois jaunty executive Sean Frazier told CBS Sports “the judgment he initial floated in an ESPN talk might be value during slightest $160 million per year to a TV rights-holder.

“However, a $160 million figure came out of discussions with ‘mentors’ and attention analysts, Frazier said. It isn’t believed a vital network has weighed in,” CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd wrote. 

We know a newest postseason format is a lucrative understanding for Power Five conferences, some of that net some-more than $100 million in a year in payout. We don’t know either there’s anything remotely tighten to that form of income accessible for Group of Five schools. After all, a CFP was combined to make some-more money, that it has. It was not designed to emanate some-more access. 

None of this even includes a elemental discuss over either discussion champions should have involuntary bids to a playoff, that is what Calhoun suggests. 

The four-team playoff as it exists currently is imperfect, though it has inarguably finished dual things: combined some-more income for a supposed “haves” in a competition and generated some-more seductiveness in a unchanging season, even if it devalues it by a tiny margin. That’s a success by any measure. 

People will have their ideas and fondle with how a postseason can be improved, though until something seismic army a change, it’ll stay a same. As prolonged as a playoff is doing what it set out to do, it shouldn’t change. 

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