7 large things we only schooled from a Trump Tower assembly testimony

The Senate Judiciary Committee expelled 2,500 pages of congressional testimony on Wednesday. The trove of information provides a new window into that luckless Jun 2016 Trump Tower assembly before that Donald Trump Jr. was promised deleterious Russian supervision information about Hillary Clinton — from Natalia Veselnitskaya, who incited out to be a Kremlin-connected lawyer.

The partial has been a centerpiece of special warn Robert S. Mueller III’s review of either there was any collusion between a Trump debate and Russia. And now we know most some-more about what a people who were there pronounced underneath promise about it.

Here are some pivotal findings.

1. Trump Jr. was clearly concerned for mud on Hillary Clinton

One line from Trump Jr.’s email exchange with a publicist for a Russian musician stood out: “I adore it.” Publicist Rob Goldstone had pronounced his source could yield “official papers and information that would inculpate Hillary and her exchange with Russia” and pronounced a information came from Russia’s “crown prosecutor” — a position that doesn’t exist yet is roughly homogeneous to profession ubiquitous in Goldstone’s local Britain.

Trump Jr.’s response: “Seems we have some time and if it’s what we contend we adore it generally after in a summer.”

In his testimony to Congress, Trump Jr. reliable that he was articulate about a antithesis investigate when he pronounced “I adore it.”

This is pivotal since Trump Jr. wasn’t totally transparent about what he was articulate about in a email. It suggests that he was fervent to have a assembly privately since of a antithesis investigate that was presumably being granted by central sources in a Russian government. His initial reason of a assembly suggested that it was essentially about adoptions, nonetheless that reason quickly fell apart.

Other witnesses also suggested Trump Jr. was fervent to get dirt. Russian lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin told senators Trump Jr. started a assembly by observant something like, “So we have some information for us?” Ike Kaveladze, an American-based worker of a Russian genuine estate association and who was during a meeting, pronounced Trump Jr. asked “if they got anything on Hillary.”

2. Trump Jr. says President Trump competence have privately shabby dubious explanations about a meeting

The Washington Post has reported that a president dictated some of a dubious explanations for a meeting — that aides disturbed could open him adult to charges of a coverup.

Trump Jr. pronounced he didn’t know about his father’s approach impasse and actively disheartened it, yet he pronounced he thinks Trump competence have influenced the messaging about a assembly by then-White House communications assistance Hope Hicks:

Q. To a best of your knowledge, did a boss yield any edits to a matter or other input?

A. He competence have commented by Hope Hicks.

Q. And do we know if his comments supposing by Hope Hicks were incorporated into a final statement?

A. we trust some competence have been, yet this was an bid by lots of people, mostly counsel.

3. Trump Jr. says he doesn’t remember either a pivotal call with a blocked phone series was his father

Trump Jr. has pronounced he never told his father about a meeting. But one sold phone call has lifted lots of eyebrows.

It came Jun 6 shortly after a call with Russian cocktail star Emin Agalarov about a meeting, yet we don’t know whom it was with was from since the series was blocked. A large doubt has been either it was his father, and either Trump Jr. competence have sensitive his father about a assembly on that call. (The elder Trump has also denied meaningful about a meeting.)

Former Trump debate manager Corey Lewandowski has testified that a president’s primary chateau utilizes a blocked number, but Trump Jr. pronounced in testimony that he doesn’t remember either a call was with his father:

Q. Does your father used a blocked series on his cellphone or on any phones that we call him on?

A. we don’t know.

Q. So we don’t know either this competence have been your father?

A. we don’t.

Philip Bump lays out a timeline in fact here:

  • June 6, 4:04 p.m.: Agalarov calls Trump Jr. Call logs advise that a call lasts between 60 seconds and dual minutes.
  • June 6, 4:27 p.m.: Trump Jr. is in hit with a blocked number. It lasts for 4 minutes. It’s not transparent if a call was effusive or incoming; a testimony suggests that it was incoming but a report from Senate Democrats suggests it was outgoing. (The phone annals are redacted in a papers expelled on Wednesday.)
  • June 6, 4:31 p.m.: Trump Jr. calls Agalarov. The call lasts for 3 minutes.
  • June 6, 4:38 p.m.: Trump Jr. emails Goldstone. “Rob interjection for a help.”

4. Goldstone suggests Veselnitskaya was pitched as having Russian supervision connections

Veselnitskaya has denied she was operative for a Kremlin, notwithstanding her ties to it. But Goldstone suggested he was led to trust she was unequivocally closely tied.

Goldstone pronounced Emin Agalarov pitched Veselnitakaya as being “well-connected.”

“I say, well-connected to what, a energy grid? And Emin said, well-connected,” Goldstone said.

Goldstone’s initial email to Trump Jr. pronounced a information came from a Russian government. This suggests he wasn’t guessing or vocalization loosely.

5. Meeting attendees contend no profitable information was provided

It’s transparent that Trump Jr. dictated to get antithesis investigate from Veselnitskaya in a meeting, yet partial of his invulnerability has prolonged been that he was catastrophic in doing so — that a assembly was a bust. So even if we trust that a assembly represented attempted collusion with a Kremlin-aligned lawyer, a whole thing never indeed came to fruition.

And people who attended a assembly generally concluded that it didn’t embody a delivery of deleterious information.

“I don’t know what would be deemed ‘damaging,’ yet we didn’t hear anything that we would hold to be damaging,” Goldstone said. “And we didn’t see anybody conflict in a approach that we believed people would conflict if they listened deleterious information.”

Goldstone pronounced during another point: “I pronounced to [Trump Jr.], ‘Don, we unequivocally wish to apologize. This was hugely embarrassing. we have no thought what this assembly was indeed about.”

Trump Jr. also reiterated, underneath oath, that a assembly was a rubbish of time: “All else being equal, we wouldn’t have wanted to rubbish 20 mins conference about something that we wasn’t ostensible to be assembly about.”

6. Goldstone vented about a assembly being “an awful idea” after investigators grilled him

In an email to Agalarov in Jun 2017, Goldstone voiced regard that a review was apropos unequivocally critical and pronounced he regretted the whole thing. “I did contend during a time this was an awful thought and a terrible meeting,” he wrote.

This was also, notably, 11 days before the New York Times initial reported on a existence of a meeting. It shows again how distant forward Mueller’s group is of what we see being reported.

(Side note: The email describes a assembly being set adult in October. Goldstone told a cabinet that he simply misstated a month. He blamed it on a “fact that I’m now 57 and demented. we meant a Jun meeting.”)

7. Paul Manafort’s notes

We’ve famous that then-campaign manager Paul Manafort took records during a meeting, and now we know what they said.

Here they are:

Bill browder

Offshore – Cyprus



Not deposit – loan

Value in Cyprus as inter


Active sponsors of RNC

Browder hired Joanna Glover

Tied into Cheney

Russian adoption by American families

Exactly what any of it means is unclear, yet there will be plenty of sleuthing to figure it out.

A few notes, though: Browder is a U.S. businessman behind a Magnitsky Act, that a Russian supervision hates. “Joanna Glover” appears to be former assistance to clamp boss Richard B. Cheney and stream GOP lobbyist Juleanna Glover, who worked on a Magnitsky Act. “Illici” is misleading yet seems as yet it competence have been a typo for “illicit.”

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